Feeling Just A Little Short-Changed

I hopped aboard the Shitbird Scale yesterday morning with a real sense of anticipation, you know that way where you know your input has been off-the-chart awesome and you’re ready to take the accolade…yeah.  Well. Even with my best of fifteen approach to recording the number it refused to go lower than two pounds off.

And I know it’s a solid number. It’s my go-to number after all…If I lose two pounds a week between now and…blah blah. It’s just with six exercise classes, one 5k park run and a text-book execution of my food plan under my belt last week, I was hoping for a little bit more. I couldn’t help feeling just a teeny bit short-changed if I’m honest. Shitbird thing.

Still, you bounce back, right? That was then, and this is now. Even though I’m a bit miffed at not bagging a number befitting the effort I put in, I’m now just two more pounds away from breaking new ground and that’s when I’ll know for certain that the surety of my step over the last three months has wiped the indiscretions of the three months before that off my record card. I woke up this morning with seventy seven days of food sobriety in my rear-view mirror and I’m starting to really feel the benefit now.

So let me tell you about the Park Run that we did on Saturday. Please understand that I use the word ‘run’ in its loosest possible sense, since I don’t think for one minute that the occasional burst of speed that I managed to pull out of the bag as I walked around the course could actually constitute running. And the fact that I placed 141st out of 143 clearly demonstrates that I completed the course at a snail’s pace when compared to my competition. I’ll tell you what though…I don’t care.

It took me 55.01 minutes to do my 5km, and the truth is I didn’t really care how long it took any of the other 142 folk to do theirs. Well apart from my friends of course, I cared about their numbers. There were two personal best times amongst our gang, some of whom complete the event every week and I was really happy for them. I was happy for me too, I mean I survived. And if I’m going to do this regularly, I’ve got my baseline now haven’t I? I’ll be the one going in just a little bit harder next time so I can beat my own personal best. The only way is up, right?

It occurred to me halfway around the course that wearing trainers instead of walking boots might have been a good idea…it was a deliberate choice because I figured I wouldn’t be running, but then when I was there and caught up in the atmosphere, I wanted to go a bit faster and actually, on the downhill bits towards the end when me and Charlie really got into our stride I was almost running. Almost. Definitely trainers next time.

I knew that dogs were welcome so I took Charlie dog with me, and he loved it, I mean from his perspective what’s not to love…people and parks are two of his favourite things. Well, he loved it apart from the fact that he kept getting lapped by a poodle, whose hooman was considerably faster than me…I don’t think that did his cocker spaniel street cred much good at all. Maybe if I’d had three shits on the way round like he did I might have been able to go a bit faster..? Just sayin’ 🙂

Anyway, I’m going for it again big style this week. I’m going to take 3lbs off by next Sunday if it kills me…then I’m into virgin territory, and how exciting is that 🙂

Check it out…we have a new guest post on our Thoughts From The Posse page…written by one of my very best friends, who has finally caved after all my nagging and put pen to paper. Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Feeling Just A Little Short-Changed

  1. Ditto to these guys. Now, remember, there’s so much going on. We know we can’t trust our own eyes, they get stuck on one setting. Somehow resorting to ciphers, pure scientific quantification, doesn’t remove the essential shiftiness of this process. The scale is behind its own set of distorting lenses. The Bitch in Bathroom cannot be the ultimate arbiter of – oh shit: of weight loss, of success, shame, will-power, self-worth etc.
    When you’re enjoying wearing a new blouse, come sashaying in from work & your Fam member says, You look skinny! and take it from us, the occasional picture you share is telling the same story.
    More power to you Friend! I echo the sentiment GO-GO-GO-GO DON’T STOP, DON’T WAVER, DON’T QUESTION. (LOL strong sentiments from Posse buddies who caught the undertone in a couple of posts, & could offer to storm over there & sort you out!)

    Love, Fleury

    1. Ha!! You must all come over immediately and sort me out!!! How much fun would that be ? I have this dream that one day we’ll all meet up and compare arses!

  2. With all the love in my heart i say, train hard, eat clean, and please do not get so hung up on the number that not seeing exactly what you want on the scale leads to throwing in the towel. You are amazing, don’t ever forget that!

  3. Soooo exciting!!!! And if I were there in person, I’d kick you right in the arse. 2 lbs. is awesome!!! Really awesome! You are making progress in all tgevright directions! Stop fixating on 2 vs 3 or I will get on a plane and smack you! Good job!!! No, sorry, great job! Awesome! Bravo! I’m soooo happy and proud and overjoyed for you on every level!

  4. Theoretically you can only lose two pounds of fat safely a week you done good!

    Congrats on completing your first 5K! Ever popular no matter how slow you were going you still were lapping every body sitting at home on their couch! You are making a lot of progress you will get into the new lower “decade” of numbers soon. I have faith in you. You are really bringing your A game!

    Cheers to another great week!

    1. Here’s hoping Susan! I’m planning to fit 5 classes in and we’re doing a 10 mile walk on Saturday. I’m so going to show that shitbird scale who’s calling the shots around here!

  5. you did fantastic on Saturday and it was wonderful to see you cross the finish line. as the person who came 139 it doesn’t matter were you finish you are still ahead of those who stayed in bed 🙂

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