A Question Of Perspective

I remember taking part in an experiment, donkeys years ago, at a children’s museum, you know one of those places where it’s all about experiential learning, and touching and feeling stuff? The experiment that stuck in my mind was in a room dedicated to the five senses, and there were all kinds of neat things lined up for little hands to touch.

I remember these three tubular steel bars, all fixed to the wall next to each other. The one on the left was really cold, the one on the right was really warm and the one in the middle was just at room temperature. If you grabbed hold of the middle bar with your right hand when it had been holding the warm tube, it felt cold. If you grabbed hold of the middle bar with your left hand after it’d been holding the really cold tube, it felt warm. It was all about helping little minds to understand perspective, right? A clever demonstration that something can feel different in different circumstances even when it’s exactly the same.

My perspective on the dirty number offered to me by the Shitbird scale this morning is different to my perspective on that same number last time it stared back at me from the little digital display. Then, I was hitting the number from a position of power. It was a smaller number than the week before, and you bet your sweet ass I felt skinny as I snapped the picture.

This morning, off the back of two or three dodgy days where my food plan has gone a bit off reservation, and I’ve felt horribly out of control to the point where my fingertips are shredded from where I’ve clung on so tight to my place in the sweet spot, instead of making me feel like a rock star, that same number was practically hollering fat bastard in my face as I reluctantly picked up my phone to record it for posterity.

And share it with you guys, obviously. Good, bad or ugly, at the end of the day, that’s the deal…I promised.

One number, and two different perspectives. I celebrated it last time, but right now, today I want to smash the fucking Shitbird thing with a big hammer and make the number go away, because it’s jumped in the wrong direction.  A lot.

Now, logic tells me that I cannot possibly have gained over four pounds from just two days of questionable choices. Sure, in the old days when I was power eating that might have been a possibility but I haven’t gone all out and had a balls to the wall binge. Not even close, but I have eaten too much. I know that.

Making the protein balls which contain nuts and dates and peanut butter and honey wasn’t exactly the brightest thing I’ve ever done, especially since playing around with my food plan had made me feel wobbly. I mean, talk about dangling myself right in front of temptation…? And I already knew at the weekend that my crazy work schedule and the revision I had to do for my exam meant I’d hardly be working out this week, so if ever there was a week where protein balls weren’t fucking needed in the first place it was this week. And yet, out came the blender.

I am such a dick sometimes.

Anyway, it is what it is. I’m hoping that this obscene number is an aberration, and when I reboot both my weigh day and my food plan on Sunday things might look a little brighter. At the very least I’ll have time to kick the Shitbird scale around every tile in the bathroom until it gives me something I can live with. For now, I remain pissed off to the max. The experiment is over, and I’m going back to my steady-away poodle down the numbers.

Bah 🙁

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11 thoughts on “A Question Of Perspective

  1. So – the verdict is in – I was -.4 today — pretty pathetic in my book. Would have needed to be a pound or close to it for me to keep on with “the plan”

    So reluctantly I’m starting Simply Filling today. Interestingly enough a few of the You Tube WW channels I watch have switched over and are having good success. So everything I’ve brought to work today besides the creamer in my coffee is SF. Dinner is going to end up being on the go – but I think I’m going to grab some sashimi and salad from the grocery store.

    So as always – I’ll report back! I don’t know why this has to be so difficult when it seems like we’re doing all the right things…

    1. Well you know what Beth, I’ll be interested to see how you do…I’ve reset my weight day on the app today and still plumped for counting points, but I’ll give it couple of weeks and see how we go. I’m worried about boundaries on SF, because as you all know, I don’t bloody have any!

  2. Dee, according to my scale, I have gained 7 lbs in one week. The ONLY days that were crazy were Saturday and Sunday because we had my son’s graduation and Mother’s Day back to back. But even on Mother’s Day, I kept it together. I realized, for me, the issue is the bathroom. Yeah, you kind of have to GO if you want to lose weight. So, I’m not stressing it. I have increased my water consumption dramatically and am taking Miralax to help me GO. But it’s somewhat relative.

    What I do realize, after a year of dealing with multiple medical issues, is that you really DO have to do both workout and eat right to maintain things in the right direction. So, don’t worry, you’ll get back to it.

  3. It’s frustrating but a couple days of clean eating should do the trick. Throw those protein balls away!!

    1. I would Beth but I’ve accidentally eaten them all ? Thanks I’m good though, promise…I’ve dodged several eating opportunities so far this morning and I’m regarding it as a minor blip. Onwards!

  4. Wow… great thoughts on perspective!! I believe it is just a weird fluke water weight or such. Sunday weigh in will show that. You are a rock star, you are doing great!!

    1. I hope so Cindy! Either way I feel like I’ve popped the balloon and let it go. I’m over it, there’s work to be done! ?

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