Every Day’s A Lesson

So yesterday I learned two things. I learned that it’s possible to survive two days of conference without eating my own bodyweight in crap. I think it’s the first time ever. And although there was an incident with half a glass of prosecco and two bags of Scampi Fries on Wednesday evening, I’m still claiming it as a victory because forty minutes in the pool more than covered the calories, so I paid my dieting debt and then some.

On the other hand, I learned that it’s not possible to drive the one hundred and thirty miles home with a large carton of cherries on the passenger seat without incident. Like 400 grams’ worth of incident. I was only going to have one or two, but I walked through my front door clutching a carton full of nothing except stalks and stones.

Not surprisingly, overnight I also leaned that eating 400 grams’ worth of cherries all in one go is not compatible with a good night’s sleep although to be fair, after multiple trips to the bathroom I should’ve been at least ten pounds lighter by the time my alarm went off.

Every day’s a lesson, right?

Checking out of the hotel yesterday I felt so smug, like I was unbreakable and I wanted to tell the world about my will of iron. Not even half an hour later, faced with a large carton of cherries I’m a fucking pushover…I wouldn’t care, I only bought them because I noticed they’d been reduced in price when I stopped to buy fuel. Will of iron my arse.

Whatever. I’ve spent the last two days sidestepping bowls of boiled sweets, ignoring the mocked-up tuck shop that had been set out in the corner of the conference room for anybody to just dive right in and bypassing the burgers and sausages and fancy coleslaw on barbecue night in favour of chicken and salad.

I’ve had no chocolate and no dessert, and I shunned the big cooked hotel breakfasts in favour of skinny girl choices. I swam both days, and we had an escorted walking tour around Stratford-Upon-Avon after lunch on Wednesday which put a couple of miles under my feet. I pulled it off, so throwing caution to the wind and vaporising a ton of cherries isn’t worth wasting any angst over. For what it’s worth they were bloody lovely, even if they should’ve lasted me at least three days.

So anyway, with conference well and truly over, my thoughts are turning to the weekend. Are you up to much?

Back in March, when July seemed like a lifetime away (and I’m bound to be skinny by then, right?) in a moment of madness I thought it might be fun to run a 5k obstacle course and haul myself over a load of giant inflatables whilst folk chuck paint at me on the way round. So I signed up to do it with a bunch of crazy-assed friends, and it’s come around rather more quickly than I expected. Like, it’s tomorrow.

The thing is, I appear to be still fat with a dodgy knee.




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13 thoughts on “Every Day’s A Lesson

  1. Hahahaha, or as Paul Simon sings, “Still crazy, after all these years.”

    And yet… a dyed-in-the-wool neurotic can keep shining a little nightlight for such as me to follow. Yes, I still have the mechanism for munching on down to the shreddy cardboard. O GAWD it’s a mercy you no longer pick up hitchhikers like the monster bucket of cheese balls!

  2. Vickie is right! I knew there was such a thing just never knew the name. Thanks Vickie!

    Dee it looks like you done good! You survived the conference and you will survive tomorrow too. Be sure and update us on your Facebook page.

    In follow up news on myself while I am still stuck up two pounds higher than where I strive to maintain I have managed to walk 4 days this last week and lift one day. That is the most I have been able to workout without pain since mid May so I am making progress. I reset my micros back to “losing” on mfp since I am able to do some working out now. Sticking to the lower number on my non workout days is hard once again.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Aw you did well Susan. I hope it continues to improve. You’ll take those 2lbs off very quickly I’m sure ?

  3. I love cherries. The redder and riper, the better. They have these new “white and pink” cherries and I just turn my nose up at them. Give me the dark ones, thank you very much. I think if I had a 130 mile drive and nothing more to eat than cherries, I’d be happy that’s all I ate. Cherries. High fiber, so what about the sugar. Great job on a two day getaway with no incident. That’s the bravo!

  4. Since your weigh ins you’re out of the 19st and into the 16st mark …. Id say you’re well on your way!! Well done for all the side stepping the past couple of days and the cherries? You’re right, it’s not worth the angst. As for tomorrow, you may have a dodgy knee but you’re strong and you’ll be over those obstacles with no fuss at all and if not we’ll pull each other over ❤️

  5. The cherry incident is what I have named “The Afters”. It is when you are past the event, and maybe past the stress, or past the white knuckling, and then something sneaks up on you. The Afters can also hit after a wonderful event. This is a phenomenon that I have noticed over the years. If you learn to watch for it, after, it becomes easier to sidestep.

    Put things in your trunk. Food you are transporting is a good example. I have also kept my purse in my trunk for many years as a very effective means of avoiding drive thru’s.

    Stratford-upon-Avon is wonderful. One of my daughters and I spent two weeks touring England/Scotland/wales and that was one of our favorite places.

    Glad things went well for you. Conferences are really hard. (There is just so much freaking food.)

    1. We have a term for the exact same thing, Vickie; we call it “the backlash” around here. And yes, learn to expect it. 🙂

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