The New Enemy In Town

Well I’m here to confirm that after eighty hours of being sugar-free (apart from my accidental hob-nob marshmallow) I’m surviving the experience and actually the sugar cravings haven’t been too bad. Except I woke up this morning thinking about cheese.

Now, I’m about to ‘fess up, and if me talking about food is likely to tip you over the edge you might want to look away now so you don’t get ambushed by my personal self-destruct button.

The reason I woke up thinking about cheese this morning is because yesterday I ate cheese. Actually, I ate a lot more than just cheese. I ate a dirty bacon sandwich when I arrived to meet my colleagues for a working day out of the office, and I’d already eaten breakfast before I left home so it wasn’t the best start…still, everyone else was having one and I hopped aboard the bacon train and joined in regardless.

To be fair, we did then go for a nice long walk around a country park to do a bit of open-air thinking and that might have mitigated the bacon a little bit, except when we got back to the hotel it was time for lunch. Lasagne probably wasn’t the healthiest choice on the lunch menu, especially combined with a side of skinny fries…I did tell her to hold the rocket, which might have saved me three calories. Maybe even four, at a push.

The lasagne was all kinds of awesome, with it’s bubbly cheese and béchamel sauce, all of which I can still taste if I close my eyes. But there was no sugar. Well, no sugar that I could see. Fat, yes. But no sugar. So technically it wasn’t a cheat, right?

I know. Don’t even say it. All the way home in the car I was trying to justify what I’d eaten on the basis that I didn’t have dessert. I tried to guesstimate the calories, and if I take our not-far-off-ten-thousand-steps walk into consideration, and the hour’s swim I put in last night I probably netted out somewhere near to neutral.

Except I can’t now stop thinking about fucking cheese.

I don’t allow myself melted bubbly cheese ever, because it’s definitely one of my trigger foods. As I’m finding out to my cost…there’s a new enemy in town. Sugar? Sugar who? Forget sugar, today I’m lusting after cheese. I’m still not entirely sure what sat behind my dodgy food-choices yesterday but it’s another example of me going off-piste and white knuckling my way through the week.

This too shall pass.

It’s my birthday today, not that I celebrate birthdays much any more. They seem to come and go at warp speed now I’m getting on a bit you know? Still, I’ve got an exciting weekend lined up…my bestie arrives this evening, I haven’t see her since we went to Italy in June and after taking mum out for lunch tomorrow we’re heading off to Krakow for a long weekend.

I’ll be staying away from sugar. I’m hoping that by the time we return my head will be more willing to help me take a straight run at the remaining six weeks of the year in a way which suggests I mean business…not before fucking time, right?

I’ll be back on Wednesday folks, have a great weekend 🙂

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24 thoughts on “The New Enemy In Town

  1. Happy late birthday. And in the spirit of cheese you may want to check out a book called The Cheese Trap. You can learn about the addictive nature of cheese and hopefully how to break the addiction.

  2. Happy birthday.

    There is a trifecta thing that happens between salt-sugar-fat.

    And there might be a sugar in the makings of these dishes. Sugar is in a lot of stuff.

  3. HAPPY DAY! Well, some of us do celebrate you when you have a birthday, Kid. Your birthday was the occasion of your current presence among us! (…with extenuating circs like, Heifer-in-Helicopter nightmares – Oh crap, we could all identify!)

    p.s. popular opinion nowadays is, cheese, full-fat dressing, etc. aren’t anathema… ‘Course, our individual trigger foods, eating dysfunctions, that’s a whole different issue. As for pasta & bread, I have revisited the carb presence in everyday meal formulation. [Sigh]

  4. Happy Birthday Dee! I hope you have a great day.

    Enjoy your time away with your friend.

    Cheese can be just as addictive as sugar so beware.

  5. Happy birthday!!! Im not sure cheese or augar are making you awful happy tho! Having a horrendous week myself and struggling to motivate myself to do what i know i should rather than what i know i want!

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