Going Forwards By Choice

So I must start with an apology for all those of you who follow my Shitbird page…I promised to update the page a day early on account of the fact that I was going to be away on Sunday, but I ran into a spot of bother on Friday evening when I caught two blokes dressed in black from head to toe and wearing balaclavas trying to break into my house whilst I was in it.

Thankfully I wasn’t here alone, my friend had arrived for our weekend away and actually she’s the one who heard the noise as they tried to force their way into the back of the house. They scarpered when they realised someone was home, and it’s a good job they did because in that moment, as I saw them through the glass in the back door and realised what was happening I was so fucking furious that anyone felt they had a right to try and batter their way into my house that I flung the door open and gave chase.

I know. It’s the very last thing I should have done, but apparently it appears I am more fight than flight. I’m not sure I’ve ever been tested before, but at least now I know, right? My bravado didn’t last long, and after the adrenaline stopped coursing through my veins, my whole body turned to jelly. I drank a stiff gin, ate a pizza then called the police, in that order.

It was awful, and I’m joking with y’all about it now but I was genuinely shaken. Then I got mad again, then I got upset. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go away and leave my boys home alone which is irrational since my son is almost thirty, stands six feet three inches in his socks and he’s as solid as a rock. If he’d been home at the time he’d likely have managed to grab at least one of them and I can’t vouch for how the would-be burglar might have fared. Being fat and fifty proved to be my undoing as they sprinted across the garden and vaulted the six-foot fence…I was never going to catch them. Thank God.

Anyway, all that to say it threw me off my stride. I slept a bit fitfully on Friday night, and it’s fair to say my head was up my arse on Saturday morning as I threw some things in a bag for our weekend away. We pressed on with our plans to take mum out for lunch before we left for the airport, but my head was preoccupied by visions of a band of robbers hiding behind every bush in the fucking garden waiting for me to leave the house. I completely forgot to weigh in, and I didn’t remember until halfway through Sunday that I hadn’t done it but by that time I was in Krakow, and the Shitbird scale wasn’t.

My eating has been horrible, all weekend. I propped myself up with sugar on Saturday, and whilst I’m not using what happened on Friday as an excuse – like I ever bloody needed one – I’ve had another long weekend of food carnage. In my defence, we have walked our socks off…we covered twenty miles on foot in the three days we’ve been away, which might have helped to counteract some of the food debauchery, but if I were a betting man I’d wager that I’ve continued to go in the wrong direction.

So I find myself standing at a crossroads. I can go backwards and continue to dick around until I’ve eaten myself right back to square one, or I can go forwards by getting my shit together and choosing the right path, the one with clean eating and no food abuse.

I know I have to reset. I’m choosing to go forwards. And as luck would have it, God of Pain texted me yesterday to ask when I was going back to start training again. I texted him back with the intention of saying I’m not sure but my fingers betrayed me and typed tomorrow…I’m coming back tomorrow. I don’t feel ready but I’ve gone and fucking said it out loud now. And maybe backing myself into a corner is just what I needed.

So that’s how come I find myself with my workout clothes laid out ready for a body pump class this evening, and my swimsuit laid next to them ready for an hour’s swim after that. Body pump because I promised God of Pain, and swimming because I promised my boy. I’ll enjoy the swimming, it’ll help to relax my screaming muscles…body pump is going to kill me.

It’s Wednesday 15th November, and today is a new day.

It’s day one. And it doesn’t even matter that it’s day one, again. I fell down, and I got up again. There’s no shame in that.

I’ll weigh in on Sunday. I’m not giving the Shitbird any opportunity to derail my new start. It’s too fragile and I’ve decided I’m the one in charge of my head today.

Hour by hour, right?

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10 thoughts on “Going Forwards By Choice

  1. It’s infuriatiing that those scumbags think they have every right to rob people!
    Thank God you scared them off. I am alone quite a bit so I have motion detector lights around the back of the house but I would like more around the front. It’s too expensive to have an alarm system.

    You have a good attitude to starting with your trainer again. I guess the old saying “just do it” still holds up. Don’t give up on yourself Dee, you are so strong and there’s no point in looking back, just forge ahead.

    1. Ah thanks Jo. In the end I got stuck in breakdown traffic after a hellishly long day and didn’t make it home in time…c’est la vie! There’s a class on Friday and an early night won’t do me any harm instead ?

  2. Oh my dear Lord you are funny, and I am not laughing at the intruders, but that you.chased.them. Oh my goodness. And the gin, pizza, police, in that order. I have just read this account to my 13 year old son, omitting a few words of course. He loves that you gave chase! I think when something like that happens to us, things like making good food choices just pale….so you have a darned good excuse for slacking off! Hopefully those thieving varmints will cross your house off of their list after you chased them, ha!!!!
    Again, I know it’s not really funny. It’s scary. And they have no right!!! But today is another day, and thank you so much for sharing.


    1. Ha ha thanks Della, I’m glad it made you chuckle. Looking back I cannot believe I flung the door wide open and ran outside, my boy is really cross with me! But it’s instinct isn’t it and I was just as mad as a wasp!!

  3. How scary! You chasing them sounds like something I would of have done! I might of been scared for a second then I would of been pissed off! How dare they!

    Every day is a new day and a chance to take care of our selves. Keep the bad out of your head don’t think of the what ifs.

    Ease back into with you workout at the God Of Pains place and enjoy your swim!

  4. It’s enough to scare the crap out of anyone when someone tries to break in with you home. You have my sympathy, it happened to me and my house mates when i was in college.

    Don’t let them have more room in your head or derail you. Get back up, hour by hour.

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