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So my conscience was poked a bit when Susan asked me on Wednesday whether I’d resumed workouts and whether I was still swimming…the answer is no. And Susan, by the time you’d passed further comment relating to how much you’ve always admired my drive and determination in pushing on with the workouts, I was shaking my head in embarrassment with my hands covering my ears. The truth is, I haven’t done much since before Christmas.

I know.

That situation needs to change, I recognise that. I full intended to go back to swimming straight after the new year, and I would have, except I had a small cyst taken off the side of my jaw and I had to have stitches in my face. They’re out now though, and I still haven’t been back to the pool so what does that tell you? As excuses go, it was quite a good one, although at this point I can’t quite remember what excuses I used running up to the holiday season as to why my activity had tailed off. Too tired, not enough time, full of cold…I suspect I used all of the above at least once or twice as I descended into inertia.

I’ve been light on the workout front since I had my knee surgery. I was due to go back to it in early November…by that time my knee was well up for it but sadly my head was not. There’d been a few changes at the Kingdom of Pain that I didn’t much like and it didn’t hold the appeal it once had, plus the rigid timetable had always been challenging in terms of getting there, so I moved on to pastures new. Well, technically I just moved on, since I haven’t yet settled into any particular new pasture worth noting.

There are lots of things I fancy doing, you know? I fully intend to resume my swimming because it’s a great way to decompress and I really do love it. I’d like to do more of the spin classes that we enjoyed so much a couple of months ago. There are a couple of other classes at the same place which look and sound like they might be fun, and I’ve also got access to thirteen leisure centres and almost five hundred classes a week as part of my swim membership. I’ve got lots of options, but I’ve been so busy considering all of them that I still haven’t gotten around to hauling my fat ass out of Lazytown and actually doing anything.

And I can feel the difference. In addition to the extra weight that managed to find its way back into my pants, I feel sluggish, you know? I’m loitering in that place where the less I do, the less I want to do and it’s incredible how quickly my body and mind have both embraced the armchair mentality. It doesn’t help that the evenings are cold and dark, and in winter my one hundred mile round-trip commute seems even more wretched than ever. By the time I get home it already feels like there’s hardly any evening left to enjoy so it’s an easy gimme for the Asshole voice to convince me that staying in and relaxing is the only feasible option.

Except it’s not really, is it? I should be heading back to that place where the more I do, the more I want to do, not the other way around. Maybe now I’m getting some traction with my food plan I need to broaden my focus and make a real effort to burn a few calories.

Later on today I’m swimming for the first time in almost a month. There, I’ve said it out loud now…it’s a commitment to myself. And y’all heard me, right?

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16 thoughts on “Resident Of Lazytown

  1. Okay, keep mulling the re-start of your exercize, that’s good… and I concur that Exerc- er, Activity doesn’ have to be gung-ho! fulltime obsessive.

    3x a week is good for the body & mind, a half hour workday constitutional is considered optimal! (I collect schlock science articles about the remarkably low # of minutes of exercize that are shown to be statistically beneficial).

    For a certified restless spirit such as yourself, the sheer momentum of a fresh launch into physical training is exhilarating – that’s sort of distinct from your New Normal of these 2+ years, Food Plan & Activity. I applaud you, Girl.

    1. Thanks Fleury…I did a cracking session this morning in the gym and right now I can’t feel my arms. Still. Every cloud, right? If I can’t lift my arms I can’t feed my face so every hole’s a goal 🙂

  2. I’m in much the same place you are, Dee. I blame the weather–even though I get hives when it’s hot. So figure that one out… last year I set a mega stretch goal as far as exercise went and hit it (yay me) and then stopped. ???? Wth??

    My only possibly productive suggestion–since I’m in the ditch right here with you–is to go back and reread your blog entries when you did your bike rides, exercise classes and things that you loved. They’re pretty inspiring! xom

    1. Aw thanks Margaret…I did exactly that and before I knew it I’d lost four hours!! Thank you, I needed that and you’re right, it did help 🙂

  3. Nike nailed it with, “Just Do It”, didn’t they? I cannot tell you the number of nights I have crawled into bed, full of remorse for not exercising yet another day, and promising myself I’ll do it tomorrow. I have cleaned up my eating, less sugar=less craving, and I went to the pool once this week, and I expect to be met with a shockingly low number on the scale. ha. It’s dark early, it goes against all sanity to walk down my road in the winter, the roads are bad, ect. ect. ect. But. I have weights in the house, I can go up and down the stair, I can do tabata work-outs, I just have to join you in stepping out of the comfort of lazy-town, and JUST DO IT.

  4. I’m in the same boat as I sit here reading my phone and having an early morning cup of coffee instead of working out. But I’m also working on not feeling guilty about it – I work full time and I have a teenager at home that I’m still driving around. As much as I’d like to be that 5am exerciser I’m really not that person nor am I the after work person because I come home, make dinner, clean up, and watch some tv with my husband before one or both of us fall asleep. Unfortunately that’s the priority I’m putting on it right now and that’s my choice – I’m fitting it in on the weekends and getting a few walks in here and there. I’m tired dammit – I know that’s not a good excuse but it’s mine for the moment. Enjoy your swim!

    1. Beth that’s such a great way of looking at it. I do walk on the weekends because Charlie-dog gives me the death stare until I get up and get outside with him and woe betide if I try and cut short his walk 🙂

      Maybe if I take the pressure of expectation off myself a little bit, I might be less resistant! I’m definitely swimming later though, I’m working from home today and fitting it in will be much easier. Have a great weekend!

  5. My only advise is to just do something. Let today be the start we have all taken vacations from working out from time to time. Find something you look forward to doing dare I say like doing for the dreaded E word. Get moving, don’t wait for “perfect”.
    If nothing else try to get some steps in during your work day if your really
    too tired to work out at night. Some of my friends that work in offices wear fit bits and track for fun believe it or not how many “steps” they get during the day.

    Is there any way you could front load your day with a
    workout before work? A life time ago when I worked at the gym the first thing in the morning before work exercisers were the serious about fitness ones, and some of them would already be there waiting for the gym to open at 5 am but I digress. Find something at one end of the clock or the other that works for you.

    Set the bar low with a goal of working out 3x a week to start with ease back in.

    Can’t wait to read all about your swim and what you did over the weekend. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I love your humor and keeping it real!

    1. Thanks Susan…I can pretty much do what I need to do. It’s not really logistics that is the problem here, it’s my asshole voice making a drama out of it all in order to declare it an impossibility! Nothing is impossible, we all know that!!

  6. You’re probably going to respond that you love it. And it is so great.

    But reading, it (always) sounds like you should consider changing jobs . . .

    The driving, the time suck, the fact that it seems to revolve around food.

    I have the impression that you drive multiple places, so moving would not really help, or would it?

    Or are you close to retirement or a package or something that it doesn’t make sense to change?

    1. It’s not an option that I want to think about Vickie – I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else, and I can’t afford not to work. Sadly I’m 15 years away from retirement!

        1. No, it’s not possible Susan for a number of reasons. Mum is settled in her residential care and I wouldn’t move her. My boy lives at home and his life and friends are here…he can’t afford his own place and besides, my own friends and life is here and I love my house.

          Moving house or leaving my job would both be overkill, seriously…it’s my mindset I need to change!!

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