How Doesn’t Matter, Right?

Well, it’s day four. And I’m as rough as toast, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s day four, not day one or two on a loop because it’s all gone tits up.

Day four, helped along by the Gods of Skinny who figured I might not be trusted to pull this off on my own, so they lobbed a tummy bug in my direction. I’ve been in bed for the last two days, in between wobbly yet often very swift visits to the bathroom. I’ll spare you the detail, and I’ll definitely survive, but I feel like all kinds of crap right now so please excuse the brevity of this post.

If I’d not had the enforced hiatus recently I would’ve just written a note to teacher and made my excuses but I wanted to check in, because I know you’re all out there willing me on, and it matters.

So, my update is that I haven’t eaten anything I shouldn’t have eaten. Which is fucking ironic when you consider that as we speak I have a very much accelerated window between shit going in one end and coming out of the other. Technically whatever I eat isn’t hanging around long enough for any calorific impact to take root and I could’ve gotten away with murder this week, but I haven’t even tried.

Anyhow. Squinting at this with words dancing all over the page isn’t helping, in fact it’s making my headache more pronounced than ever so please excuse me whilst I disappear back under the poorly blanket and focus on feeling smug about getting to day four.

It’s on…I’m just on the sub’s bench. I may try and write more tomorrow if I feel a bit brighter but for now I’m saying g’night 🙂

Day four…just sayin’…

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10 thoughts on “How Doesn’t Matter, Right?

  1. I’m very proud of you for not using this opportunity to pig out. I’m not proud of myself though. I started with you on Monday and I do great during the day but something takes over at night and I just blow it. Baby steps right?

    I hope you feel better soon x

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