So It Seems…

…that the three days I didn’t make it out of bed for fear of keeling over at the top of last week weren’t due to a tummy bug at all, but actually symptomatic of a brewing ear infection, which has now really taken hold – I have the kind of ear pain that I can’t even find the words to describe.  It just hurts like a bitch, and it’s relentless.

I’m aware it must feel like one long excuse as to why I can’t summon a blog post again – trust me I’m desperate to get back into my usual cadence of three times weekly but I can’t be creative or funny or entertaining when I can barely see straight so please bear with me. I’ll be back as soon as I can 🙁

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8 thoughts on “So It Seems…

  1. OMG Earaches are about the WORST pain – like you wish pounding your head on the wall would ease it! But it doesn’t. I hate to say, “It could be worse”, but my earaches in my childhood come to mind. There were no antibiotics way back then (yeah – I’m old…)and at least twice each winter, my mom would take me to the ear doctor, the nurse would wrap me in a blanket and sit on me so I couldn’t move, and the doc would puncture my eardrum – nice, neat hole rather than a rupture. What a horrible thing to do to a child! I was so very grateful that we had antibiotics when my kids had ear infections. Enough of a rant. Hoping you feel MUCH better soon, my friend!

    1. Stephen King writes about that happening to him as a child and how excruciatingly painful it was. What a horrible treatment! Was it actually necessary?

      1. Are you asking me, Natalie? If so, yes, it was necessary. He’d look in my ear and see the red, swollen eardrum, and rather than take a chance that it would rupture, leaving a large, ragged hole. the puncture was small, controlled, and relieved the pressure. I don’t remember there being any less pain, but it was better by the next day.

  2. Been there, done that, and, yes, it is incredibly painful. But no worries – we’ll be trudging along on our way to skinny while we wait for your return.
    Take care.

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