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You can find Kayleigh’s story on our Thoughts From The Posse page…this is one determined lady, and she has chosen to share her weight-loss journey with us through her very own Shitbird page!





11.3.18  0.5lbs on. 219lbs

It’s been a while since my last shitbird post and a step on the almighty SB this morning is showing a 1lb gain. In the past 5 or so weeks I’ve been to Cambodia and gained an unholy amount of weight, but now I’m back to slowly losing it again. It’s good to be back! 🙂


21.1.18  2lbs ON   218lbs   This weeks weigh in on the original Shitbird shows a 2lb gain, I’m not too sure how much difference the Shitbird at home and the Shitbird at university have at this point, since I weighed myself as soon as I got home and they showed a 6lbs difference and quite frankly it is confusing me so I can imagine it’s extremely confusing for you guys! I’m just happy I’m firmly in the 15 stone mark and have got my head back in the game after a night of naughtiness last night xxx


14.1.18 6lbs off  216lbs  So my weigh in this week is on my uni scales (which should have around an 8lbs difference to my home ones). So although it looks as though I’ve gained 2lbs, I’ve actually lost 6! That is if the difference is to be believed… I’m back home next week right up until we go to Cambodia for my best friends wedding so I’m gonna hold my breath and not get too excited about this loss until I get home and can see it on the Original Shitbird. Sorry for all this confusion with the scales! I’ve had a good week of just eating to keep me going as it’s been quite heavy with exams but hopefully back to normality and back to the gym next week when it’s all over! 🙂


7.1.18  2lbs off  222lbs After a pretty extravagant New Years Eve/Day I was a bit worried about this weeks weigh in but I got straight back on plan on the 2nd and have had a near perfect week since (where’s my halo? 😉 haha). Last night we went to an Italian for my mums belated birthday celebrations, but I had 85+ points left to go at so everything was still on plan and I had 35 weekly points left afterwards plus fitpoints! It’s all worked out for the best and I’ve managed a 2lbs loss 🙂 Happy new year and good luck to everyone this week!


31.12.17  Maintained 🙂 224lbs I have miraculously managed a net maintain over the Christmas period! Full disclosure: I did hop on the scales when I ‘got back on it’ on the 28th and the Shitbird was showing a 5lbs gain… I have tried really hard since then, barely wavering until last night when I enjoyed some wine with a friend I’d not seen since before I went to study China. It was a nice catch up and I had eaten well throughout the day so I felt less guilty about enjoying a glass (or 5) of rosé. I’ve got about 4 weeks left until I head to Cambodia and I’m hoping to make some real progress in the weight loss department before I go. I’ve been over fed and over watered (gin) for the past week and whilst I have enjoyed it, I’m now excited to get back to a healthier lifestyle. Happy New Year everybody, I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for us all! 🙂

24.12.17  2lbs off  224lbs  So, this week by some miracle I have lost 2lbs (I don’t count ounces as that could change by breathing for me). I have to admit the odd treat snuck in here and there but the whole week was pointed and tracked up to Friday and I was relatively on it. However, as anyone who follows my mum Nic’s Shitbird Scale page might know, since Friday it has been full on Christmas mode. Granted, Friday breakfast and lunch I was well behaved, but the evening left me slap bang in the centre of Naughty-Town and Saturday was maybe even worse… I’m chuffed with my weight loss, even though I’ve still got some way to go to get to get to my lowest weight, but I’m going to enjoy spending time with family over the next few days and enjoy the odd treat too, I just have to remember that fun does not always equal food. I hope you all have a fabulous time over the holidays and good luck on your weight loss journey into the New Year! 🙂

17.12.17  6lbs ON  226lbs  My weigh in today on the Original Shitbird at home should have revealed a beautiful weight loss (remember my uni scales weigh 8lbs heavier than these, so although this looks like I’ve lost 2lbs technically I’ve gone up!). However, this week went to the ‘fuck it’ gods and absolute naughtiness ensued, including one night of end-of-exams celebrations, two birthday meals and one Christmas party all accompanied by a Dominos pizza, a heck load of chocolate and an unspeakable amount of gin…as I said, it was a very naughty week, definitely the worst I’ve had in recent memory. The Almighty Shitbird of course doesn’t miss a trick and has kindly displayed a 6lbs gain, of course some of this is water weight (I currently look like the blooming Michelin Man) but any true weight gain would be well and truly deserved. I’m back home now and determined to weigh in on Christmas Eve with a loss, I’ve not jumped off the wagon into Christmas Land just yet! 🙂

10.12.17  1lb off  220lbs I’ve lost a pound this week, but honestly speaking I am surprised, it’s not been easily done but I think joining Weight Watchers on Thursday might have been a good bit of damage control that saved the week! I am a bit concerned about where my brain was going between Sunday through to Tuesday as it was in Naughty Mode, but luckily I had a chat with my mum over the phone and managed to get a bit of clarity. I’m still a work in progress. Next week my weigh in will be on my home scales so we shall see what The Original Shitbird has to say…

3.12.17 2lbs off  221lbs  My first week weigh in is a bit of a weird one. I spend my time split between home and university and the two Shitbirds unfortunately can’t get their shit together about being on the same page…there’s about an 8 pound difference between them! (Come on, really?!). I took the photo showing 16st 7lbs when I bought the scales at the start of the week, and this morning it is showing 16st 5lbs, so a 2 pound loss this week 🙂 There might be a bit of jumping around depending on where I am located. I think I’ll use my uni scales just to make sure I’m still losing, but since I’ve weighed on my home scales since the beginning I’ll use them as my definite weight loss tracker, I hope this is okay for everyone and hopefully it won’t get too confusing, please bear with me! Overall, it’s been a good week, and I’m happy with a 2 pound loss! 🙂

26.11.17 Shitbird page opens  @  223lbs 

I’m away at Uni during the week but sometimes home on the weekend – this was yesterday’s number at home. The number could change next week as I am currently purchasing a Shitbird for my uni house so there could be some changes depending on if I’m at home or in Newcastle but we shall see!

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  1. Well done Kayles, I know how hard you are working and your achieving results. Your shape has changed too … keep going girl, you’ve got this. The new stair master at the gym will help too ☺️ Xx

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