If you’re new to the blog, welcome…it’s great to have you on board!  If you’re wondering what Break Out The Skinny Girl is all about, well what can I tell you…it’s not a blog about a diet. It’s more a blog about what goes on in my head because I’m on a diet, if that makes sense. Which it doesn’t, always…I should manage your expectations in that regard! Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s thorny, sometimes I struggle and sometimes I feel like I’m on top of it but the thread that runs through all of it is bare naked honesty. Oh, and I do use a few naughty words here and there…sorry about that 🙂

What sprang up around me as I started writing was a wonderful support system – I call them my posse. They’ve got my back, and I have theirs…almost 100,000 people have passed through the blog in the last twelve months or so. Some dip in every day, some subscribe and just check in when I publish something new. To be fair, some probably wandered in by mistake and wrote me off as a lunatic with fat issues so they never came back.

Lots of folk join in the chatter and I get loads of notes by email from people who are on their own intensely personal journey to Skinny Town who prefer to stay in the shadows.  Whoever you are and however you want to use the blog you’re very welcome…we’re a friendly lot.

I generally publish around three new posts every week – you’ll find the most recent ones in ‘Latest Posts‘ and the rest are in the Blog Archives. The ones in the list just here  are the favourite posts as voted for by the posse so they’ll give you a flavour of what it’s all about.

Alternatively, clicking the subscribe button on any of the blog posts means you’ll get a nudge when I post something new. I promise not to bombard you with crap…I hate that. All you’ll ever get is an email link whenever I publish a new post.

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If you’re one of the brave souls who decides to go back and read from the beginning, you might find the first few a bit dry…I was brand new at this writing malarkey and didn’t really find my groove until a few posts in!

Please join in the fun! I welcome your thoughts, comments and feedback on anything and everything, we have general chatter on most blog posts…feel free to add your voice to the posse 🙂

You’ll hear me refer throughout the blog to The Asshole – for those of you who haven’t read from the early days I should explain. I’m sure you have a little voice in your head that tries to talk you into eating/buying/doing things you shouldn’t, and tries to talk you out of doing things that you should, like exercising for example. It’s also the voice you hear that chips at your confidence when you feel like you’re having a bad hair day or a big bum day…we all have that voice, and I named mine The Asshole. It makes it easier for me to recognise asshole messages, and takes away some of their power. Sometimes.

If you like what you’re reading I’d love it if you’d tell your friends – you’ll find a bunch of social media share buttons available on every one of my blog posts. They say that from small acorns, large oak trees grow, and I’d really appreciate your social media shares so we can build up a community – it’s lovely to have company, the bigger the posse, the more support we all have and that’s got to be good, right?

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. This is a fantastic support group and forum you have going. I have battled weight my whole life…constantly up and down. I work nights too which means my eating habits are absolute SHIT. I was introduced to a program recently promised to provide the energy I am striving for while curbing my monster chocolate addiction. I began the nutritional program about a month ago and the weight management portion only 3 short days ago. At first I rolled my eyes like, yeah right….this sticker bullshit isn’t gonna work. I’m on day 3…am at work almost through with my shift and not fighting fatigue! A slice of chocolate cake that I bought my last shift is still surviving cause I don’t want to finish it. Honestly I’m kind of pissed and stunned at the same time. I take pride and joy filling my jowls with chocolatey goodness. But oh well, more for tomorrow, right? Thinking this is for real and am so excited about it but when I tell those around me they roll their eyes the same way I did….so, I suppose I can’t blame them. Oh, am I doing this to be “skinny”? No fucking way…I’m over that idea because I’m pushing 40 and have a post 4 kids body…so I know I’ll never be toned and sculpted…I just look forward to feeling better and moving easier. My man will always look at me a certain way because his willy likes the way my mouth moves! And that’s what matters to me! hehe

    1. Well then ? Fingers crossed you’ve found something that works for you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog…we all do different diets in here but the common denominator is the willingness to laugh at ourselves and support each other. Good luck!

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