April – June 2016

If you want to read these in chronological order start at the top and work your way down!

April 2016      down                     UKBA

Tea For The Posse

Until Today

Ta Daaah!

OUCH That’s Torn It

Helping To Mend Me

Two Bad Mangoes

Different, And Yet The Same

Using Life’s Imperfections, Perfectly

Shooting For The Tens

Who Saw THAT One Coming!

Unleashing The Skinny Wrath

Everything I’m Not

Degrees Of Light And Shade

A Bag Of Contradictions

Pressing Pause

Don’t Forget The Sausages…

Wanted: One Fairy Godmother

Eating Humble Pie

Finding The Answer

Sleeping Downhill

Shouting About The Hard Stuff

A Wise Man Once Said…

Six Fat Ladies On My Washing Line

Radiating Sunshine

Consistent Inconsistency

In Search Of Magic Beans

Getting Ready To Sparkle

A Flurry Of Activity

Here We Go…

All Toes Present And Correct   

May 2016        down            UKBA

Thanks…Enough Now! 

Because, Because, Because

Cutting All Ties

A Helping Hand From The Gods Of Skinny

The Sun Has Got His Hat On…Oh Sh*t

Resisting Assholio’s Agenda

Happy Fat Girl

According To Plan

Safely Delivered From Old Ladyville

The One In Charge Of Me

Weeding Out The Fat

Autopsy Of A Binge

The World Didn’t End At Foxy Lodge

So Go On, Ask Me..!

Doing My Typical Thing

Dear Body…I’m Sorry.

What I Didn’t Realise Was…

Adjusting to My New Normal

This Kind Of Sore Is Good, Right?

Yesterday, I Laughed…

Things Nobody Tells You About Lycra

Eating My Efforts

Seeing Beyond What’s Hard  


June 2016…    down

Naughty Loves Company 

I’d Rather Be Dodgy!

Stepping Off The Hot Mess Express

Getting The Upper Hand

That’s Just What Muscles DO

The Drawback Of Being A Mathematical Genius

Yesterday, I Earned My Tired

Dog Spit, And Other Disasters

And Now I Can

Therein Lies The Rub

Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey…

Will I Ever?

Getting It Wrong

Riding Without My Baby Wheels

A Marathon, Not A Sprint

It Sounds So Obvious Now…