Shitbird Scale Says…


  15 January 2017  3.75lbs off…HELLO!

That’s more like it. Mind you, it comes with a warning…all of a sudden after me and the Shitbird Scale had built a level of trust over the last 3 weeks, we did the weigh-day tango and got 3 different numbers ranging from no pounds off to five pounds off. This was the most consistent though so I’m having it. Toenails are getting embarrassing now 🙂


8 January 2017 

2.5lbs off.…nice! I’ll take that thanks very much, a good solid week. I’m feeling strong with six good days’ worth of skin in the game, and a brand new shiny week awaits. What we going after this week..? Let’s aim for 18:10 🙂

Clearly no progress on the toenails…


1 January 2017

Okay…that’s eight and a half stones – or 120lbs – north of what it should say. New year, new start, new attitude and I’m not enduring the ritual humiliation of posting one of these   golden fucking nuggets every week unless it’s going downwards, and quickly.

Watch this space 🙂

*note to self* sort your bloody toenails out