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If you’re new to the blog, welcome…it’s great to have you on board! I generally publish around three new posts every week, and you’ll find them listed by month on the next page – just to the right of ‘How to Read My Blog’ – or you could just click on the following links…

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If you’re one of the brave souls who decides to go back and read from the beginning, you might find the first few a bit dry…I was brand new at this writing malarkey and didn’t really find my groove until a few posts in!

You’ll hear me refer throughout the blog to The Asshole – for those of you who haven’t read from the early days I should explain. I’m sure you have a little voice in your head that tries to talk you into eating/buying/doing things you shouldn’t, and tries to talk you out of doing things that you should, like exercising for example. It’s also the voice you hear that chips at your confidence when you feel like you’re having a bad hair day or a big bum day…we all have that voice, and I named mine The Asshole. It makes it easier for me to recognise asshole messages, and takes away some of their power. Sometimes.

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