Favourite Blogs & Interesting Stuff


Blogs I like to follow…

The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser – This is a blog written by Sean Anderson, who lost 275lbs and charted every single day of it – he’s struggled too, gaining some back, and getting back into the game to lose it again and that makes him so much more real to me. This is on my daily reading list.

The Skinny Doll – a fellow blogger who has shared her journey of an almost 9 stone weight loss in a really engaging way – one of my favourites.

300 Pounds Down – a really well written blog by a lady who’s on the same journey we all are…very relatable 🙂

The Skinny Soul – like the rest of us, Jamie’s navigating her own path to Skinny Town…check out her blog, she writes beautifully 🙂

Jack Sh*t’s Blog! – This guy makes me laugh…another one on my daily dose of inspiration list!

Total Kathy – another very honest and moving blog from someone on the same journey we’re all on here. I love the way Kathy writes.

Escape From Obesity – Lyn writes candidly about her ups and downs, a very authentic voice that I can identify with.

Cranky Fitness – This is a great blog, with a refreshing attitude towards fitness…one I identify with!  This Article by Jan Bono in particular grabbed my imagination and is the one I refer to in My Fifty Year Fitness Goal.

Nerd Fitness published a great blog post on making that small first step as part of a campaign to get fit, which dispenses with the BS, doesn’t patronise and talks sense to a complete novice.

Second Best Parent – nothing to do with dieting, just a beautifully written laugh-out-loud perspective on parenting from a devoted dad who happens to be a friend of mine.

Other websites or resources that I like to mooch…

HungryHappyHealthy is a really great site with a bit of everything. There’s a weight loss story, loads of recipes and some exercise and fitness stuff. I bought the recipe book recently, and it’s epic!

Stuff folk have sent me to try out…

These guys at SOLE footwear were kind enough to send me a pair of supportive footbeds to road test when they heard about my plans to drag this unfit old body up a mountain…if you like to walk or even *shudders* run you might want to check them out…they genuinely feel amazing under your feet.

Stuff I’ve read that I’ve found helpful or interesting…

Marie-Claire article on Mauritanian wife fattening

Oliver Burkeman’s perspective on how long it really takes to change a habit – this is an interesting article which prompted a light bulb moment for me.

An article about how to lose weight – this is an interesting and easy to read article with a GREAT calculator thingamabob which gives you a way of understanding your personal metabolic rate.

Plateaus explained! – this actually makes sense…I’m not shit at dieting, my body’s just doing its thing!

Where I learned how to set up my website – A-Z written for people without a clue where to start!

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains – article written by James Clear on how Team Sky cycling team won the Tour De France

Videos which made me think…

Boogie 2988 – His truth – this made me cry but he could teach us all a lot about digging deep.