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You’ve all met Nicola, whose story features in the Guest Spot – Thoughts From The Posse archives…Nic is jumping straight in as our first volunteer in these new Shitbird Posse Pages! Nicola’s weigh-day is Thursday 🙂

By the way, if you use MyFitnessPal and want to add Nic as a friend, her name is Paxnic76 and she’d love to hear from you 🙂






4.3.18   10lb 6oz on… 224lbs

Hi everyone, it’s been a while ….. I’ve been on my travels around Cambodia and to my daughters friends wedding (which was amazing) and I also understand that Dee had a little mishap with her laptop so we’ve all been MIA for a few weeks 🙈 so before I set off on my travels I was 15st 4ibs and I have put a great big bloody whopping 15ibs on, the first week went so well and then the second week well …. let’s say it turned to shit on the eating front 😳 I love Asian food but it all went down hill when we found a Hard Rock Cafe and from that moment on I let go of all the control and ate …. and ate ….. and ate 😳
So when I returned to the UK, wondering how the hell I had put so much weight on, I only had to look back at the photos to remind me of the burgers, the pizza, the steaks, Gin and cocktails and well you get the picture 🤷🏻‍♀️ You know what though, I had an amazing time and I felt so privileged to be invited to such a beautiful wedding and getting to see my daughter be a bridesmaid to her friend whom she’s known for years and whilst I gave myself a bollocking about the weight gain, I don’t actually regret it now as something feels to have reset in my head and I’ve started again … that’s what happens when you fall down isn’t it? You get up again, so that’s what I’ve done, I’ve wiped myself off and been to workouts and even had a few days sledging (walking up those hills are a great workout) and as you can see I’ve lost 5ibs …. I’m not into the 15’s yet but soon and I’m going to take it pound by pound. It’s great to be back!! take care all and see you next week ☺️

21.1.18    1lb off   214lbs  Good morning everyone, 1ib lost this week. Food has been okay and tracked with the exception of a meal last night when half a baileys cheesecake made it’s way into my belly with a few Birra Morettis and some gin but I have been to PT and strength sessions and done some boxing, 60kg tyre flipping, deadlifts and gluteal bridges with 55kg on a bar snuggly laid across my hips (aided by my stomach apron) and two tabatas (one after the other). I’m loving my workouts and all the different things I’m getting to try out. This morning I’m walking around the house like I’ve done a round with Mike Tyson but you know what? I still feel great!! ☺️ I’m off to a locked in room today with my dear friend as it’s her birthday and then she has chosen Chinese for her meal out which is my nemesis but I’ve planned and hopefully I’ll have a good loss this week. Good luck everyone and see you same time next week xxx

14.1.18  14oz off  215lbs Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are. I’ve lost 14oz this week and I have gone into the next pound mark.
I felt a bit deflated at the beginning of the week for numerous reason and to top it off I was poorly, not quite ill enough not to work but ill enough to not work out and so my planning at the beginning of the week went out of the window. I have however managed to get my backside up and out for the last 3 mornings to a PT session and 2 strength and fitness sessions which I have bloody loved! I’m in a world full of pain but I’m buzzing and feel determined. I have to say this isn’t just about the workouts, the reason for my happy walking on air, skipping about kind of mood is because I received the most beautiful gift from Dee. I’m going to add a picture because if I explain it, it won’t do it justice.

I don’t think its escaped anyone’s attention that I’ve been struggling a bit to stay on track. Dee had a gift made for me to remind me of all the things I had achieved, my personality, who I am and how she sees me. She called me a warrior and this made me cry (quite a bit actually). It’s funny how other people see you, I see myself as weak, inconsistent and failing and yet others can see you as strong, determined, focused, tenacious and a tigress (also bonkers😂) I know when someone says something bad we say ‘don’t worry what others think’ but isn’t it wonderful to have such a supportive network of people who see something in you that you don’t always see yourself. I could never explain to Dee what her gift means to me, I love this lady to pieces and I’ll show her by continuing to be a warrior …. there I go crying again 🙈 have a great weigh in everyone, you’re all warriors ❤️


7.1.18   5lbs off  

216lbs  So after my defiant sass last week, I don’t want a new year new me etc etc 🙈 I gave myself a right telling off (after a further 2 days of food debauchery and a discussion with myself that why don’t I just stay fat as I’ve enjoyed the Christmas and New Year Celebrations so why not carry on? Oh dear asshole voice in full glory right there) anyway as I was saying, I told myself off as in order to do all the things I love, I have to lose the weight to actually do it!! So I got my arse to a WW meeting, TRX on Tuesday, PT on Wednesday, Strength on Thursday, walk Friday and a combine cardio class on Saturday. I have to say, Tuesdays TRX was enough to nearly send me into petulant child stage and stomp my feet as I felt every single exercise through my muscles and I was pissed at how quickly I felt unfit. However by the end of the week of boxing, weights, cardio, I was pleased at how quickly you start to regain your fitness. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to punch my PT with my lovely new boxing gloves when he did a warm up on the brand new stair master machines and I actually stopped it at 10 mins as I nearly keeled over.  When I got to work it felt like someone had booted me up the arse (literally) as I couldn’t sit on it for too long without it hurting but as they say no pain no gain right? My eating has been on point except last night when we went out with friends to celebrate my birthday but everything was pointed on my app. So here’s to a New Year New …. oh wait, New Year, Healthier Me and I really hope you stick with me guys on this continued journey. Take care and good luck in your weigh ins and I have attached a picture of the arse beating trauma machine, if you want an arse like a bullet, this is the machine for you 😜😂 xx  

31.12.17  7lbs ON  221lbs 

Here is my weigh in after a week and a half of food fuckery, Birra Moretti, Gin and Bacardi overload (not together of course 😂). 7ibs on and whilst I’ve enjoyed the few weeks of celebrations my body has not. I went for a walk yesterday and I felt like a teletubby, I even had the bum waddle down pat! This year has felt like a write off in the losing weight stakes, lets face it, I’ve hardly been a good role model have I 😳 since I’ve lost 10st I’ve had an absolute mind block, I’m backwards and forwards between a stone on and a stone off (give or take a few pounds). So tomorrow is a New Year, I’m not going to say ‘New Year, New Me’ because you know what, I quite like ‘this me’. I love my life, my family, my friends … I don’t want a new me but I want to be fit and healthy to enjoy ‘this me’! Don’t get me wrong of course I want to get to my goal. I know 10st is a mammoth amount of weight to lose but I want to be able to say that I got to my goal weight but you know what? I also want to enjoy the journey in between and I am doing from the walking, workouts, cycling, holidays, Boxing, activity days… I’m loving it all and this past week, I’ve loved and lived it a little differently. So tomorrow is a New Year and I’m going to say a New Chapter. I’m sure they’ll be times that I mess up but I’m a determined bugger and I’ll get there, just stick with me. I know this seems like a defiant post but I think we can worry and become obsessed too much about the end and not enjoy the bits in between and I for one have had a fabulous year amongst the shit so Happy New Year guys and see you on the other side xxx

24.12.17 1lb 14oz ON  214lbs

I know I said last week that my 1st meal was going to be Saturday but I finished work on Thursday and I could not open that bottle of wine quick enough. I only had a small glass but it was enough to wet my whistle and get me in the Christmas Spirit and I’ve been partying (with a bit of shopping in between) since 1pm on Friday. I am out again tonight and then Boxing Day and it’s all going a bit tits up as party Nic has entered the room and I’ve had so many points that if Weight Watchers knew they would take all my weeklies off me for the next 3 months! I know I’m not being helpful today and I am in the ‘you know what its christmas’ mode but as well as playing hard, I work hard too (as we all do) so for the next few days I’m going to chill out. Enjoy the time with my lovely family and friends and if I put on a few pounds in then so be it. The journey may have taken a slight detour but no one stays lost forever … right? So Happy Christmas Eve guys, have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy xxx

17.12.17  4oz off  212lbs  Good morning everyone, this weeks weight loss is 4oz…I know that can change by the time I write this but I’m clinging onto every little bit of weight loss this side of Christmas 😂 It was my work’s Christmas do on Friday and whilst the eating was not too bad, the amount of drinks consumed certainly was. With my hangover, it took all of my will power not to eat the cream scone my hubby was eating yesterday right out of his hand! Later in the evening, I did however succumb to some celebrations that I had hidden at the back of the freezer, to keep them out of sight, obviously though not out of mind!! On Wednesday I rejoined weight watchers and this week I went to my strengthening class and my first ever MMA Class so these have helped to keep me on track instead of spiralling into the Christmas spirit of ‘oh go on then, I’ll eat it, it’s Christmas’ I’m hoping for a loss this next week to try and keep an even keel over the Christmas period, I have 3 meals out in the space of 4 days over Christmas, the first one starting next Saturday. So I’m going to keep holding on tightly and slide into Christmas on a loss ….. I know, I’m positively being enthusiastic! 😋 Good luck guys, we’ve got this 👌🏻

10.12.17   12oz off    212lbs   Good morning everyone, 12oz off this week and I’m happy to be stabilising. My eating plan hasn’t been where I needed it to be this week. I received some bad news which messed with my head a bit but with the support of some fabulous friends I got back on track by Wednesday. I had to have Physio after my street fight with the teletubbies in Dublin (I’ve been sent the video and it is pretty hilarious) as I had twisted my hip and my right ribs had lifted, it was only a play fight but I’m not one to do things half arsed 😂
I managed to restart my workouts this week with a personal training session thrown in. I nearly keeled over and towards the end I was walking around like a baby giraffe, my legs kept buckling and I had to sit down (I obvious need to do more cardio 🤔). I’ve tried something new this weekend, I’ve been a labourer for my hubby as we’re renovating a barn so I’m a bit tender this morning after carrying scaffolding and planks of wood and it may also be the few pints of beer I had afterwards 🙈 anyway back to the weigh in, I’m happy with the result and I’m just trying to maintain through Christmas, if I lose weight along the way that’s great but at the moment I’m clinging on in there. I have works Christmas do on Friday which is a Moulin Rouge theme and I did think about going as Harold Zidler the ringmaster but I have decided to be ladylike and go as a can can girl instead 😉 Have a great week and enjoy your upcoming celebrations, good luck with your weigh ins ☺️


3.12.17   4oz off   213lbs   Good morning, it’s 4 ounce off this week and I’ll take that after the last few days partying in Dublin. I had certainly lost more weight before I left for the airport on Thursday morning so I know I’ve put a few pounds on but it’s the Sunday morning weigh in that counts. I’ve had a fantastic time, awards ceremony on Thursday evening (Hubby didn’t win but still a fabulous evening) and fancy dress on Friday where me and the hubby went as Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. We drank, danced and had our face painted and saw a Leprechaun being beaten up by teletubbies to me then fighting with the same teletubbies and hitting them with an inflatable alligator (all joking of course) which is still making me laugh days later – maybe I can put that in My Fitness Pal as exercise points 🤔 …. Good times and good memories! Good luck with your weigh ins and have a fabulous week 👌🏻💪🏼 x


26.11.17 5lbs 2 oz off 213lbs I feel strong again in relation to my mind and food. I’ve finally got my workout regime sorted and have the support of some fantastic trainers and friends. I know by past weight losses that I lose a lot of pounds the first week, so whilst I’m delighted to be back to it, I know I need consistency and to remain focussed. I’m in Dublin next week for 3 days for an awards ceremony, it’s my first time going to this event to support the hubby and I understand it’s a 3 day bender of alcohol and apparently not much food, except the cooked breakfasts and the awards meal ? The closer it’s getting the more nervous I feel but I have a plan and my hubby is a supportive chap! So good luck this week folks and we’ll catch up next week when hopefully I’ll come out of the obstacle course of alcoholic, food and Dublin unscathed ?? I’ve always love a good challenge, we’ve got this guys!’

19.11.17  10lbs 8oz ON 218lbs  I know I’m a bit early but Dee and I had an idea over coffee (and other things) yesterday that we should weigh in on the same day. So my weigh in day will now be Sunday. Dee will explain (beautifully I’m sure) in her blog tomorrow. As you can see I’ve managed a 10lb 8oz gain in less than 4 days, I’m really pissed at myself and I have no words, well I do but they’re no words for a lady to use, especially on a Sunday. On that note I’ll hand over to Dee and I’ll get back to hanging my head in shame ? (I feel sick)

16.11.17 1lb 10oz ON 208lbs  Hi everyone
I’ve given myself a right good talking to this morning. I’m 1ib 10oz up on the scales. It doesn’t sound like much and nothing to worry about but the way I’ve been eating this week (on it, then off it) that we all know this is going to end it tears ….. again. I’ve been on it with the exercise but we all know that doesn’t matter when you come back and eat 3 slices of cheese on toast, 2 small crunchie bars and a cookie? I mean I did aerobic combat, not a 10 round boxing match and I have to realise I’m not the bloody Rock and I can’t eat like I’m on one of his cheat days (love The Rock by the way ❤). So I have an awards ceremony two weeks today so I’m going to use that as my first goal and take small steps. I’m very aware that the amount I ate last night may not have caught up on the scales just yet ………

oh crap I forgot to add 2 pkts of crisps, (they were French fries so low calories) obviously this justifies it! Flipping heck it’s like I have food amnesia and foods I ate last night will keep coming back to me so I’m going to stop now and just get on with it. Good luck with your weigh ins this week, we can do it!!

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it, the time will pass anyway” Earl Nightingale ??

9.11.17 2oz off 206lbs Good morning, 2oz loss. I have felt frustrated this week with the exercise and eating plan, that I almost chucked it all in. What a difference a week makes, when last week I was all guns blazing, meal prepping, exercising and over the moon with my progress, I’m not sure what has happened but I have a sneaky suspicion that Its my cheat day ? Whilst I can normally get back on the plan after that 24hrs, the amount of food I’m consuming in that time would probably feed a family of four for the weekend. I mean when the young girl explained that when we have our cheat day we may feel sick as she did after a doughnut and choc au pain, I nearly laughed, they’re like an amuse bouche!! She’s right though, I do feel sick but because of the fecking amount I’m eating, I’ve been taking full advantage of the ‘eat anything’ direction (right up to the last minute) that the other days are spent counteracting the ‘24hr Carnage’ session. It’s not good for my psyche and this week I’ve struggled to get back on track. I focusing on that I’ve lost inches and you would with those exercise classes as they are hardcore ? We incur
forfeits on top of the workout which the other day included 105 burpees, including 110 pulse squats and I can’t even discuss the lions! I feel beasted, which I don’t mind but between those classes and my personal trainer, I need something a bit more calming so I’ve asked Dee to join me for Iyengar Yoga. When I told her about my week, she said I needed gin not yoga but as I explained I drank that too in my 24hr Carnage session on Saturday and I didn’t wake up for a day …. hmm actually she may have a point ? anyway, enough of my whining and good luck with your weigh ins!

2.11.17 2oz ON 206lbs  Good morning everyone, I’m happy with my weigh in this week. I know there’s a 2oz difference but my weight has more or less remained the same. You may remember me telling you that 2 1/2 weeks ago when I started my new eating and workout regime, I weighed in at 15st 9ibs, I’m on my 3rd week now and I’m bloody eatatic with the way things are going, I also lost 2% body fat last week! I’m going in the right direction and that’s what matters. I had one cheat day last week and when I say day, it was a full 24hrs, I’m surprised I had time to sleep! I have another cheat day this week but I am going to attempt not to eat anything and everything in sight. Our trainers say we MUST have our cheat day but I don’t think that means triple all your meals. The good thing is that as soon as that last minute of the 24hrs end, I get straight back on it. So I’m looking forward to what next week brings. Have a great week everyone and good luck with your weigh ins ????

26.10.17 3lb 12oz off 206lbs  3ib 14oz lost this week ?? I am on my second week of my new plan and I’m feeling good. I had a bit of a panic at the weekend as I was told I had 2 full cheat days over the weekend (that’s right 48hrs) and as you may remember I’d already had 5 days of them before I’d started the plan which had left me with a gain of 12ibs ? well I have to say, on Friday I was shall we say a little nervous but I did well but I think this was more to do with that I had a powercut for several hours and I couldn’t see what I was eating ? the second day well let’s just say that I used this in the way that cheat days are meant to be used but you know what, I have to say, it’s no fun when you’re told you can do it. I didn’t know what I wanted to eat and felt a bit disorientated moving off my plan and found myself eating just because I was told I could and must use the cheats. I thought it would be difficult to get ‘back on it’ but Sunday morning business resumed as normal. Before I would have worried about what damage that I done to the scales and even though I’ve lost weight ‘what could have been’ but I actually don’t care. I feel good, I’m on point with my eating and I’m exercising (well that just needs a few paragraphs in itself so I’ll tell you later about that) which is like a beasting but I’m happy. I know it’s only week 2 but I’m taking it a day at a time, let’s see what week 3 brings. Have a great week everyone and good luck with your journey ☺

19.10.17 3lb 4oz ON  210lbs. So you may remember last week I said that I was starting at a new fitness centre on Monday, which included a clean eating plan. Well from last Thursday to getting my first weigh in Monday night I had put on 12lbs. That’s right, I weighed in at 15st 9lbs!! You know that voice that’s says to you ‘well you may as well eat what you want now as you’re starting properly on Monday’ well it kicked in, and I ate everything I could think of that I may not be allowed over the next 10 weeks. From Macdonalds to Turkish delight, now I was pushing it as I haven’t had Turkish delight for years so why I felt the need to eat it just in case I couldn’t in the next 10 weeks is beyond me. After a few crappy months, I let loose and I caused carnage with my diet. When I did my before pictures on Monday night in my bikini that I had only worn in August/September, I looked like a giant pug and I could have cried. I hold my hands up, I’m not being particularly inspirational but I have started the new regime, eaten as advised and worked out. You can see by the scales I’m still up from last week by 3lb 4oz but I’m nowhere near the 12lbs increase. I get weighed again tonight as Thursday will be my weigh in day at the fitness centre. Hopefully over the next ten weeks I’ll get my groove back and hopefully inspire someone along the way. Good luck with your weigh in and keep going ??☺️

12.10.17  1lb 8oz off  207lbs Hello everyone,
It looks like I have lost 1ib 8oz this week which I am delighted but a also a bit dubious about. I do have to say that I think my scales are due a new battery, either that or they’re alive and causing a bit of mischief!! I got on them this morning and i weighed 14st 1ib, now I know I’ve started working out again but my diet which has been okay but not excellent and certainly not that good to loose 11ibs and the rotundness of my belly was telling me (and as Maury would say) that was a lie! So I got back on them and I was 15st 2ibs and so you can see what I spent 10 minutes doing this morning ? So after several weigh ins and fluctuations between a stone, I took a photograph of the most consistent weight which was 14st 11ib ….. so I’m taking it as a small victory. In other news, I start a 10 week plan at a new fitness centre next week which incorporates dietary support and exercise so wish me luck and hopefully I can get my head fully back in the game and show you some consistent results. See you next week and good luck with your weigh ins everyone ☺️

5.10.17  6lbs ON  208lbs Hi everyone, sorry for the late post but I was unable to weigh in this morning so I have had to weigh in this evening after workout. 6ibs on after my break in Rome and whilst we walked over 40 miles, it obviously wasn’t enough to counteract the pasta, pizza, Aperol Spritz, rum and wine ? good news though on the workout front, I’m back to it after my injury and finally got to do some boxing tonight which I love and some MMA moves but unfortunately I did a roundhouse kick straight into the trainers ribs …. oops ? no ribs were broken, thank goodness!! So now holidays are over and I’m back to regular workouts, there’s no excuse, time to get back into Onederland! Have a great week and good luck with your weigh ins xx


21.9.17 0lbs off  202lbs

Good day everyone! I have not lost a single ounce this week but I haven’t gained a single ounce neither so I’m happy with today’s weigh in. I had a great week last week taking into account I’d come back from holiday with a body full of sugar from the baclava and honey, so I was surprised how easily I got back ‘on it’ until the weekend when I had a glass of wine, which then turned into a Big Mac and large fries from Macdonalds and then the consumption of the large white Toblerone bar from the fridge that I’d bought at the airport on my way home from Rhodes. I told the family we would eat it at Christmas ….. hmmm reallly??? ? anyway I did share but it’s not the point, so I tried to minimise any damage by getting my backside up early on the Sunday morning to go swimming and to the gym and got ‘back on it’ (again). I’m not going to beat myself up about it as it’s not the first and it’s certainly not the last time it will happen but what I am happy about it’s that I didn’t let it spiral out of control and i got straight back to it the next day. Those kind of relapses could potentially have sent me into a weekend or week bender, especially at the moment when I have no really routine in relation to my workouts. So yes, I am happy lady this morning. Oh hey you know last week, I said the holidays are well and truly over? Well I think I was so focused on getting back into my routine, that I forgot that I have a little break to Rome next week to celebrate one of my closest and dear friends birthdays, I don’t know how I forgot as I booked it (I blame it on the baclava and sugar!). I won’t be here to weigh in next week so see you in two weeks folks and I will try not to come back looking like a big pizza pie! ? good luck on your weigh ins xx’

14.9.17  4lbs 2oz ON  202lbs I’m back and the holidays are well and truly over. I had the most wonderful time in Lindos, Greece and its one of my most favourite places in the whole world (I may have said this a few times) but I am glad to get back to some normality and routine with my food plan, don’t get me wrong, I loved the baclava the size of a house brick, and I’ve eaten that much feta cheese I’m surprised I’m not bleating like a goat but as you can see from the scale, it’s added 4ibs 2oz to that little digital glass square and taken me right out of Onederland! I also think providing Oreo cookies with the Pornstar Martini didn’t help ? you know what though, I’ve had a fabulous time and the scales this morning are more acceptable that they were when I returned Sunday, I got straight back on it and and I’m feeling good. Watch out Onederlamd, I’ll be back in the next couple of weeks! Good luck with your weigh in everyone xx

26.8 17 2lbs  12oz off  198lbs   I agreed to send Dee my pre holiday weigh in and here it is. I have lost 2lb 12oz, that’s 198lbs and a total weight loss of 151lbs …. that’s right, I am now in the glorious land, that’s called Onderland and I have to say, it feels bloody fantastic!! ? My next weigh in will be when I return from holiday, see you in a a couple of weeks folks ☺️

24.8.17  6oz off  201lbs
Okay so it’s only ounces, 6 to be exact but I’m delighted. Day 22 of no exercise and I’m still clinging on by every finger nail for dear life. I have to say that this no exercise lark is playing havoc with my body, it is actually amazing how your skin and tone can change within a matter of weeks. My stomach feels like an octopus head and I mean I know I’ve lost over 10st but I’m tucking skin in all over the place here, even my knees now have frown lines!! I go on holiday for a couple of weeks from Saturday and I am delighted that I have been given the green light to do some walking and light swimming. It’s time to change those knee frowns upside down!! See you all in a couple of weeks and good luck with your weigh ins ☺️

17.8.17  2oz ON  201lbs 2oz gain this week, I’m absolutely shocked! I still haven’t fully recovered from my illness and I am still not allowed to workout. I have not worked out for 15 whole days!! I almost feel like a fake, you know because at this moment in time I’m not doing my normal everyday things and I’m ill and inactive so I feel like I should be putting weight on in heaps and yet I’m managing to hang on in there by the tip of my nails. Hopefully this next week, I’ll keep continue and the nails won’t break ? enjoy your weekend and good luck with your weigh ins x

10.8.17  1lb off   201lbs   1lb weight loss, I’m really pleased with this weight loss as I’ve been ill all week. Not ill in a ‘I can’t bear to eat way’ so you can imagine, I was a tad worried as I haven’t hardly moved for 3 days and my physio has put a veto on my exercise classes until further notice ? so the potential to gorge oneself is there! Anyway I’m now on the mend and I can at least go for a walk and maybe some swimming, so hoping for another weight loss next week.
See you all next week and good luck with your weigh ins x

3.8.17   2oz ON   202lbs   2oz on …. to be honest, it could have been a lot worse. I’m not minimising the weight gain from last week and this but I had a sneaking weigh in after a meal out last Friday and it WAS a lot worse and you can imagine, the despair, sadness, anger and hatred set in. I know what’s happened, after a few months of chaos, stress and bereavement, I felt like I’d exhausted all of my coping mechanisms and I visited my old friend food. Well it’s okay for a short visit but I now need to move on and get my arse back to it, stop feeling sorry for myself and get into that 13st mark!! So I now have a weight loss chart, meals are planned and weekend exercise sorted, so it has to go smoothly right? Today I feel strong, so let’s see what next week brings. Good luck to everyone on their weigh ins this week x

27.7.17 1lb 12oz ON 202lbs “The aftermath”
So playing Russian roulette with my food plan has finally caught up and I have gained 1lb 12oz. No excuses as I know that a magnum, nobbly bobbly ice cream and bacon fries are definitely not part of my five a day and yet I made a conscious decision to eat them anyway. The weight gain is deserved so all I can say is, I’m back to it, the food plan and exercise is on track and I’ll just keep going. Have a great weigh in this week everyone ☺️

20.7.17  12oz off  200lbs  I feel a little bit of a fraud this week and wondering how the heck I’ve done this. Remember the hen do and planning I was doing for it? Well that went out of the window at the weekend leaving me with around a 7ib gain when I returned home. Of course I got straight back to planning, good eating and lots of water and I am amazed that this morning I am into the next Ib mark – 12oz loss and sitting right on the edge of Onederland!! I can see the view from here and it looks good so next week hopefully I will have taken a step over that boundary line ? have a great day folks and good luck with your weigh ins ☺️

13.7.17  4oz off  201lbs  Good morning everyone, 4oz this week! I am amazed that I have managed to maintain as I dined out 3 x last week. To be fair I made good food choices with the exception of some Doritos on Saturday night but I thought the prosecco and my new found love of rhubarb gin may have pushed me over the edge. So I’ll take the 4oz and run and no more gambles for me, I really need to get to the elusive 11st loss. I have a hen do to attend this weekend and I’m already planning what to eat and drink …. fingers crossed for a couple of pounds next week. Good luck with your weigh ins lovely people ?’

6.7.17 14oz off  201lbs
‘Arghhh nearly into the hundreds!! 14oz lost this week but down into the next pound at least ? Fingers crossed for next week! Good luck everyone with their weigh ins this week ??



29.6.17  2lbs 2oz off  202lbs  Hello everyone, I’m excited this week as I’ve lost 2ib 2oz which means I’ve now lost 10 1/2st, (147lbs) with a further 1/2st to go to get to the elusive 11st loss. I’ve also been to the doctor and he was amazed as I have gone from a BMI of 54 (morbidly obese) to 32 (okay it’s still obese but going in the right direction) so I’m not only excited I’m bloody ecstatic! I nearly did a triple somersault out of the doctors surgery but I thought better of it (I did try a handstand once to show my daughter you can do anything at any size, a handstand at 24st with joint hyper mobility is not one of them as I nearly broke my neck) So I walked out, head held high instead ☺️ good luck this week with your weigh ins ❤️

22.6.17  3lbs off  204lbs I’m delighted, 3Ibs loss!(whoop whoop, booty dance in the bathroom ?) You’re all aware of mine and Dee’s adventure this week which I have to say despite all of the cuts, bruises and scrapes, I had a bloody fab time ❤️ I’ve exercised, planned and eaten well and then tracked every single thing into My Fitness Pal, which I have to say, I am really enjoying … Have a fabulous week and good luck with your weigh in everyone ☺️

15.6.17 3lbs 8oz off  207lbs  Yaaay I’ve got a result this week ? 3lbs 8oz loss. I went back to basics and it’s working! I feel less bloated, more focused and I had a little victory today when I got into a dress that even when I was at 14st 10ibs was very snug on me, like i had wrapped cling film around my body (which I have tried by the way as I was told it would make me lose inches …. it didn’t ?). On that note I’ll leave it there … good luck to everyone this week with your weigh in, we’ve got this ??❤️

10.6.17   3.75lbs ON  211lbs   Hi Everyone, I’m sorry my weigh in is late. I went to my godmothers funeral on Thursday and to be honest I weighed myself but forgot to take the photo. To be honest I weighed less on Thursday but here you go, 3ib 12oz increase. I’ve really been reflecting these past few weeks about how quickly things can go tits up. When I first wrote for Dee’s blog, I was on it, I felt positive and I felt ready to get to that next stone loss and now after a few weeks of one bad news after another, my emotions have taken hold and them feelings of failure are starting to kick in … I’m in a slump, hence the weight gain. I almost felt like I was falling on my sword writing this, I’d done so well and now I’m having to say ‘actually since I’ve started the weigh in I haven’t lost one bloody ounce, I’m failing’ but you know what, I’m not failing, I’m not hiding away, I’m still out cycling and exercising despite my emotions, yes I’ve eaten the wrong foods but I’ve also recognised that and why I’m eating rubbish so now I can do something about it. I won’t be beaten because the only other alternative is to put on more weight and you have all seen my ‘serial killer picture’ right?? Nope there is no way I’m going back there x

1.6.17  Maintained   208lbs Hi everyone,
I was so terrified of my weigh in this week. I have been away for the bank holiday weekend and whilst I had done a lot of walking and cycling, I had also done a lot of eating and drinking and having a great time with my family (including the dog) and dear friends, including an epic bike ride with Dee ❤️ I actually messaged her and told her of my panic of stepping on the scales and that I looked like a space hopper! In fact I was hoping that the battery would die so I couldn’t weigh in! So with a heavy heart I stepped on them this morning and whilst the scales are not going in the direction I wanted, I have to be happy with staying the same. So stick with me, I’m really pushing for a loss next week x

25.5.17  +1.75lbs   208lbs   So my 2nd weigh in pic is a bit of a disaster, firstly there’s a 1lb 12oz weight increase and secondly I apologise for the flower plastered across the scales but lesson here is don’t take pics on the scales with no trousers on!!

Back to the weight increase, I was thinking of all the reasons and excuses of why this could be but when I’ve really thought about it, it’s been down to my planning, food groups and some fluid retention in the dodgy knee. So I’ve stripped everything back and let’s see what happens next week ☺️


206lbs – okay let’s kick this off with the first weigh-in! 143lbs down so far…


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  1. Nic you’re doing amazing – these fuck-ups will happen and remember that relapse is a normal part of recovery. Keep pushing on, you can totally do this 🙂

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