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You’ve all met Nicola, whose story features in the current Guest Spot – Thoughts From The Posse page…Nic is jumping straight in as our first volunteer in these new Shitbird Posse Pages! Nicola’s weigh-day is Thursday 🙂

By the way, if you use MyFitnessPal and want to add Nic as a friend, her name is Paxnic76 and she’d love to hear from you 🙂






22.6.17  3lbs off  204lbs I’m delighted, 3Ibs loss!(whoop whoop, booty dance in the bathroom 😁) You’re all aware of mine and Dee’s adventure this week which I have to say despite all of the cuts, bruises and scrapes, I had a bloody fab time ❤️ I’ve exercised, planned and eaten well and then tracked every single thing into My Fitness Pal, which I have to say, I am really enjoying … Have a fabulous week and good luck with your weigh in everyone ☺️

15.6.17 3lbs 8oz off  207lbs  Yaaay I’ve got a result this week 🎉 3lbs 8oz loss. I went back to basics and it’s working! I feel less bloated, more focused and I had a little victory today when I got into a dress that even when I was at 14st 10ibs was very snug on me, like i had wrapped cling film around my body (which I have tried by the way as I was told it would make me lose inches …. it didn’t 🙈). On that note I’ll leave it there … good luck to everyone this week with your weigh in, we’ve got this 👌🏻❤️

10.6.17   3.75lbs ON  211lbs   Hi Everyone, I’m sorry my weigh in is late. I went to my godmothers funeral on Thursday and to be honest I weighed myself but forgot to take the photo. To be honest I weighed less on Thursday but here you go, 3ib 12oz increase. I’ve really been reflecting these past few weeks about how quickly things can go tits up. When I first wrote for Dee’s blog, I was on it, I felt positive and I felt ready to get to that next stone loss and now after a few weeks of one bad news after another, my emotions have taken hold and them feelings of failure are starting to kick in … I’m in a slump, hence the weight gain. I almost felt like I was falling on my sword writing this, I’d done so well and now I’m having to say ‘actually since I’ve started the weigh in I haven’t lost one bloody ounce, I’m failing’ but you know what, I’m not failing, I’m not hiding away, I’m still out cycling and exercising despite my emotions, yes I’ve eaten the wrong foods but I’ve also recognised that and why I’m eating rubbish so now I can do something about it. I won’t be beaten because the only other alternative is to put on more weight and you have all seen my ‘serial killer picture’ right?? Nope there is no way I’m going back there x

1.6.17  Maintained   208lbs Hi everyone,
I was so terrified of my weigh in this week. I have been away for the bank holiday weekend and whilst I had done a lot of walking and cycling, I had also done a lot of eating and drinking and having a great time with my family (including the dog) and dear friends, including an epic bike ride with Dee ❤️ I actually messaged her and told her of my panic of stepping on the scales and that I looked like a space hopper! In fact I was hoping that the battery would die so I couldn’t weigh in! So with a heavy heart I stepped on them this morning and whilst the scales are not going in the direction I wanted, I have to be happy with staying the same. So stick with me, I’m really pushing for a loss next week x

25.5.17  +1.75lbs   208lbs   So my 2nd weigh in pic is a bit of a disaster, firstly there’s a 1lb 12oz weight increase and secondly I apologise for the flower plastered across the scales but lesson here is don’t take pics on the scales with no trousers on!!

Back to the weight increase, I was thinking of all the reasons and excuses of why this could be but when I’ve really thought about it, it’s been down to my planning, food groups and some fluid retention in the dodgy knee. So I’ve stripped everything back and let’s see what happens next week ☺️


206lbs – okay let’s kick this off with the first weigh-in! 143lbs down so far…

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  1. Nic you’re doing amazing – these fuck-ups will happen and remember that relapse is a normal part of recovery. Keep pushing on, you can totally do this 🙂

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