January – March 2016

If you want to read these in chronological order start at the top and work your way down!

January 2016  down                UKBA

2016 Now Open For Business

Back Of The Net!

If You Don’t Back Yourself…

And We’re Off!

Buns Of Steel

It’s All In The Head

Powered By Mad


Who Stole The Real Me!

The Penny Drops

I’ll Start Again Monday

The Take Care Wallpaper

Reason v Excuse

A Minor Detail

When The Fanfare Stops

Stepping Out Of The Shadows

When The B*tch Won’t Budge

Flirting With The Binge Demons

A Grande Soy Latte, Anyone?

Time For A Reshuffle

Seeing It With Knowing Eyes

It Has To Be Worth It

Who Let The Air Out?

Sometimes, It Just Needs To Marinate

Addiction Wears Many Hats

Late Blooming Balls

Beyond The Wit Of Man

The Elephant In The Room

One Million Percent Giddy

Not Putting In The Hard Yards

My Own Worst Critic  

February 2016  down                      UKBA

Take Care Over The Little Things 

Dreaming Big

Quality Over Quantity

Seduced By A Strawberry Cream

Call Me Old Fashioned, But…

Doing It Without My Wing Man

Out With The Old

Just Imagine!

The She-Devil And Me

Good News, Bad News

The Second Promise

A Hug For Mr Bates

Behind Closed Doors

No Room For St Valentine

Chalk And Cheese

The Asshole’s Greatest Hits

Getting A BAFTA Body

Tick Tock

Head Seeks Zone For LTR

Is It Me You’re Looking For?

When Chocolate Calls Your Name

Since I Can’t Remember When

Meeting The Gang

Cheese Balls At The Doo

Girl About Town

Six Months And Counting…

The Odd Rusty Nail

Let’s Look At The Evidence

Giving The Bill To Ron  

March 2016   down          UKBA

Keeping Off The Grass 

Served With A Backhand

Officially Going Nowhere

My Side Of The Street

Being Normal (ish)

B*tch: The Rematch

Regrets…I’ve Had A Few

Hungry For More

You’re Doing It All Wrong!

If Only I Had…

Tipping Normal On Its Head

I’ve Been Tinkering!

Putting Two And Two Together

An Old Life Calling My Name

An Old Shoe In The Gutter

Trying My Best To Love It

But It’s FREE!!!

Starting The Week Off Wrong

Getting My Priorities Right

So Long…Farewell…Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

A Tank Full Of Oomph

And Then You Get Days Like This!

Dragging It Out Of The Bag

I Could Have, If I’d Wanted To…

Walking On Solid Ground

In The Company Of My Thoughts

Stone Cold Easter Egg Sober

A Debt-Free Easter Monday

What Goes In One End…

Nothing To See Here

Food, Schmood, Whatever!