The Terrible Two’s!

I think I might have just realised what’s going on with my head and its refusal to play nicely. Think about it folks, it’s happened…I’ve reached the terrible two’s.

Two years ago to this very day, I’d just signed up with my web host and was trying to figure out what buttons I needed to push to make my words appear on a web page somewhere. As things worked out, no words made it anywhere that day because I just couldn’t fathom how it all worked. But I was excited, and I stuck with it because bizarrely – out of the blue and never having done anything like this before – I just knew that I needed to write.

My first blog post materialised the next day, and they’ve come on a regular basis ever since. Two years in, I get really choked when I think about how you lovely lot have stuck to my side like glue and what’s more you’ve managed to wade your way through just about three hundred thousand words. I can’t quite believe it.

This also means that I’m two years and five days into my diet. And that explains a lot, right? I’m officially a dieting toddler, doing toddler type things…pushing boundaries, acting out and generally ignoring all reasonable requests in the interests of touching hot things which are lying in wait to burn my fingers, not to mention working out how to climb over the safety gate. Yeah well I’ve well and truly figured that one out haven’t I, in fact I’ve turned into a regular fucking Houdini .

All joking aside, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting over the weekend. Mainly yesterday, which I spent in my own company. I had lunch with a bunch of friends on Saturday, who’d rescued me from another day in front of the TV when they realised that cabin fever was in danger of actually killing me. I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to leave the house. We went to a local garden centre for a bite to eat and I smacked headlong into my own rebellion, again, by dodging the healthier options in favour of a hot steak sandwich with fat chips and coleslaw. I know.

And a Florentine. Two florentines in fact, because I ate one in the cafe and took one home in a doggy bag for my boy. Now, if I look myself straight in the eye, I’m forced to admit that the duplicate florentine was never going to make it as far as the handover. If he’d been home when I got in there’s a slim chance he might have ended up with it, but only because he’d have likely rugby-tackled it out of my hands. He wasn’t there to take on the fight, and in the end it was out of the bag with indecent haste and eaten before I’d even put the latch on the door.

Yesterday also started badly. I had a less than inspiring conversation with the Shitbird Scale, and yes I know a pound off is a pound off, but I’d hoped that the four pounds on last week had been all bandage and now the big bandage is off it obviously wasn’t. So I went downstairs and ate leftover Shepherds Pie. For breakfast.

And then I cried. A proper, ugly cry because really what the actual fuck was I doing?

I’m still trying to pull all my thoughts and reflections from yesterday into a bunch of words that make sense. I need to let them cook for a bit longer and besides, it’s our birthday today so I’m not going to get all deep on your ass. It’ll come when it’s ready.

It’s a proper milestone today. We are two years a blog, and two years a tight-knit community who support the living daylights out of each other, even when one of us is acting like a complete brat.

*Coughs, and tries to look innocent.

I can’t begin to arrange enough words in anywhere near the right order to tell you how much your support means to me, and how you guys are the reason that I haven’t given up. You’re the reason why, two years in, I’m still here and I’m still trying. And today more than ever, out of respect for all the sheer bloody effort that’s gone into this journey over the last seven hundred and thirty days, I’ve rebooted my head, again.

Day one, take…whatever, I’ve lost count. It doesn’t matter. Day one is all that matters 🙂

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15 thoughts on “The Terrible Two’s!

  1. What they said! All so much more eloquently than I could. Seriously Happy Blogeversary two years is a long time in the blog world. I love to read your blogs because you keep it real with the good the bad and the ugly real life in other words.

  2. Happy Anniversary! This is a great time of year as a reboot. I’ll give you til Sept 1 – then we are officially 3/4 through the year and you’ve got the last 1/4 of 2017. We can do it!!!

    1. Beth you’re a genius. I have no goal and I didn’t even realise it until you just said that!! Right, I’m on it. Watch this space! ?

  3. Happy blogaversary Dee! You had me at hello 🙂 I’ve read every one of those 300,000 words over the last 2 years and sometimes I’ve re-read them when they are laugh out loud funny or when they touch me so profoundly I’m left in a puddle of tears.
    For me it was your English voice that came through so clearly and I felt at home right away. Sometimes you make me so homesick I start checking flights 🙂

    I hope you celebrate today knowing that we appreciate you as much as you appreciate us. So keep the words coming.

    Jo xxx

  4. I’m in the same boat Dee. I took 20 relatives on a trip and now have been home for two days and Can. Not. Stop. Eating. I’m up five and climbing. So I have a new idea today–obviously taking it one day af a time is too much for me. So today we’re going one hour at a time. So far, I’ve got one win notched… since I’ve been awake for about 60 min. I will go to 20 minutes increments if I have to. The idea is to center myself in what I’m doing right and stretch it. Xom

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary! Your inner child is going to rebel, but always remember that children do better when they have parents who are fully in charge. They think getting their own way will be a good thing, but it isn’t. Parenting, even parenting our own inner child, is not easy, but it’s worth it!

  6. Happy Blogbirthday to you, happy blogaversary to you…. Whatever, I love that you are here. I would feel the loss keenly if you up and disappeared. We are in this together, and when people around me just don’t get it, you do. If someone doesn’t understand that one bad day of eating is an additional 5 lbs… or if they do… It is a bloody daily struggle. I applaud you for gumption and your wit. I never fail to smile when I read a post. It is breath of fresh air from the front lines of battle!!

    1. Oh Autumn thank you so much for your wonderful words and as always for your support. And for nailing what we all find in these pages, you know? Everyone in here ‘gets it’ and not feeling like you’re alone in this battle is and has always been the most important element in my own recovery. Big hugs xx

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