Moving Forward With Belt And Braces

So I went back to see my surgeon on Friday, and he’s delighted with my progress. I’m on target for a 100% successful outcome which is the stuff that dreams are made of, right? Especially when you consider that for the last four years I’ve had a red-hot poker residing inside my knee. He showed me some before and after pictures which were taken during the surgery, and you’d never even know from the inside that it’s a fat knee. It’s a thing of beauty.

And now it’s my turn. My part of the deal is to strengthen my quad muscles by committing to physio and lots of exercise. And I’m all over that, even though when I proudly demonstrated to him how strong my knee was getting as I straightened it out, he looked me in the eye and said do more, like I’d barely even got started. I wonder if he’s related to the God of Pain?

I feel like I have worked really hard, this last week. I can’t manage the usual off-road walk that I do with Charlie dog yet, but I am up to almost three miles on even ground before anything starts feeling sore, and that’s awesome when you think it’s only actually a shade over two weeks since I had the surgery.

One thing he did say, was that my kneecap has been pulled off-centre because the muscles are slightly more well-developed down one side of my leg. Apparently that’s because I’ve been limping for the last four years and favouring a certain way of planting my left leg on the floor. Who knew! I mean, I know I’ve hobbled a bit when it’s been really sore but it must have been subtle but constant and I didn’t even realise.

Which, when you think about it is a lot like living a really fat life. When I look back, there were things I used to have to do to compensate for being fat, like rubbing moisturiser into one foot using the other foot, because I couldn’t reach down that far, or doing my ironing sitting down because it hurt too much to stand up. It became the kind of normal that I adapted to and stopped noticing, even though it wasn’t normal at all, exactly like my wonky walk.

I can go back to the Kingdom of Pain in another two weeks, but in the meantime I’ve taken out a second gym membership which gives me access to a network of leisure centres, where I can swim as often as I like and do aqua-fit classes, as well as a bunch of other stuff. I’ve done loads of water-based activity over the last few days which has really helped my arse to disengage from the armchair.

I can generally only manage three sessions with the God of Pain over the course of a week, because the fixed schedule of his classes and limited weekend opening times together with my long commute to and from work make it difficult to squeeze in more. This way I get the best of both worlds, because there’ll always be something going on somewhere that I can do.

It’s a kind of belt and braces approach, but I’m ready to take the last quarter of 2017 by storm…I am on it. I’ve got five days’ worth of food sobriety under my belt and after snatching victory back from the jaws of defeat I’m feeling great. I’ve evicted four and a half of those re-gained pounds from my pants this week, which was exactly the boost I needed.

I was gently reminded that not having a specific goal to strive for makes me drift a bit, so I’m planning to hit 215lbs by Christmas. I badly wanted to say Onederland by New Year but I think that’s a stretch too far…26lbs by Christmas feels do-able.

So…let’s crack on, there’s work to be done 🙂

Talking of Onederland, if you follow Nic’s Shitbird Page, you’ll see she sashayed into Onederland on Saturday, just before she flew out to Greece for her holidays…that’s 151lbs lost and I am so damn chuffed for her!

And don’t forget, if you’d like your own Shitbird page, all you have to do is tell me…the accountability definitely helps to glue your feet to the sweet spot!!

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8 thoughts on “Moving Forward With Belt And Braces

  1. If I am reading this right you have been cleared by your surgeon to be able to swim but you can’t lift weights yet? Is that right?
    I remember after my last surgery in 2009 I couldn’t lift weights or formally walk with pace for six weeks! At three weeks I begged to be able to just get out of my house and walk with no pace which my doctor approved of.
    Just remember to follow doctors orders you only have one chance to heal correctly.
    Good job on removing those pounds and setting a new goal!

    1. That’s right Susan. I’ve been flexing and bending pretty much from day 1 with it elevated and iced in between. Walking and slightly more vigorous physio from day 10 and now gentle squats introduced from Friday along with about another dozen or so stretching and flexing exercises. And plenty of walking! It’s good to be back on my feet, and looking forward to getting back to normal! ?

  2. Love your blog and that you keep it real. I’m going to join you in that goal of 26 lbs by Christmas. I’ve been reading your blog since about 6 months after you started it, and all I’ve done is gain another 20 lbs, after injuring my knee last Christmas. Time to kick it in gear.

    1. Terri that’s fabulous! Come on lovely, we can totally do this!! Don’t forget to check in and let us know how you’re doing 🙂

  3. I have done duo memberships too. Different classes, different schedules. I have mixed it up over the years. Pools, yoga studios, Pilates studios, gyms, dance studios, women’s fitness places. I do not sign long term commitments. I take advantage of discounts and specials. I have moved facilities to follow favorite instructors.

    Be careful not to do too much too fast. Follow instructions. Glad things are going better.

    1. Thanks Vickie, yes that’s exactly right. I’m enjoying the swimming massively, and that’s great for building up strength gently 🙂

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