Something Of An Epiphany

I can’t go on like I have been, right? I know, and you all know that something had to change. I’d lost it. That precious terra firma in the sweet spot that I was so attached to all of a sudden felt like shifting sand under my feet. I was struggling to even stand up straight, never mind pushing ahead with my plans to get skinny. And I’ve been battling with myself every day to the point where I’m just pissed off with it all.

That’s not right, is it? I mean, I’m used to a bit of internal dialogue with the Asshole voice, after all both of us have co-habited inside my head for years. But there have been long periods of time over the course of this journey where I’ve been properly in control, with just an occasional spat. I saw a steady weight loss and I was broadly okay because I can do it when my head falls in line with the rhythm of losing weight.

Towards the end of last year after I came home from the trek I lost the plot completely, and had a wild food-fest over the run up to Christmas. I pulled it back in January and this year was going pretty well, right up until August when I lost my God mum. Since then it’s been rocky to say the least. But I realised something over the weekend.

Somehow, all the shit I’ve waded through this year has tilted my thinking, and my focus has shifted away from all the possibilities of a skinny life and become fixated on the wrong thing. I’ve been spending way too much time feeling resentful about all the things I can’t have instead of feeling excited about what’s within touching distance. There’s no fucking wonder I’m struggling is there? I’m just one big ball of resentment and the more my head says you can’t have [whatever it is], the more I dig my heels in and cheat my way to having it anyway.

That’s how come I’ve managed to welcome thirty or so pounds back into my pants.

What I should be doing is focusing my energy on achieving my goals, which haven’t changed. I want that skinny life, filled with all those lovely clothes and just the one chin. I want my square knees back, and an arse that doesn’t feel like a tsunami going off in my pants whenever I take a step. Thinking about the possibilities of that life is what glued my feet to the sweet spot in the early days, but I’ve lost my way of late.

I’ve also lost sight of how me being positive and believing I can do it can help and inspire the people around me to do it too. My friend Nic is a case in point…if you follow her Shitbird page you’ll see she’s been ping-ponging all over the place just like I have. We sat and discussed it on Saturday over a coffee. And a dirty great cream scone. We didn’t have our eyes on the delights of a skinny life, we were too distracted by the contents of the cake cabinet. The thing is, we can inspire each other to great things one minute, and willingly, gleefully dive headlong into food fuckery the next.

Well, no more. We made a pact, even as we were wiping the crumbs from our respective chops…I promised not to lead her astray any more and she did the same. Yesterday was day one reboot for both of us and as we checked in with each other last night, it was holding. She’s relying on me, and I’m relying on her. It’s a big responsibility, right? If I don’t cheat, she can’t either. And vice versa. It’s a full on pinky promise.

That, combined with my shift of focus away from all the things I can’t have and back to the size of the prize was something of an epiphany…it’s a conscious step and let’s hope it’s the game-changer we both need.

Who else is in?



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17 thoughts on “Something Of An Epiphany

  1. Well, I confess, I’m baffled. Nicola put on ten pounds in four days? You put on 21 in just over double that? And it has stuck around so not water, carbs, salt, etc. WTH??? You both lose steadily one to two pounds a week as is exactly normal for calorie control plus reasonable exercise plus normal sleep type program. But I can’t get my head around how fast you guys accelerate upwards. “A bad day” “A bad week” should keep you standing still, maybe up one or two for an entire seven day week. What’s up with these numbers? #mindboggled xom

    1. Tell me about it Margaret ? when I hear someone say it takes 3500 calories to put on a pound I can never understand how I manage to blow up at warp speed you know?

  2. For the love of Heaven, woman! Stop concentrating on the “prize” as being skinny! Start thinking of the PRIZE as being good health and FEELING GOOD. You KNOW you can do it – you’ve done it before. Love ya’!

  3. I’m in! Been flip flopping myself. I let a super negative person that I reside with depress me too much, and then I make HORRID decisions. I have to weigh in a couple of days. Ugh.

    1. I know. I’m hanging my head. But I’ve had an injection of ooomph and for no other reason than I have a point to prove, it’s game on Autumn ?

  4. Here’s to rhe clean eating! I’m in. Makes it easier if you have someone doing it with you. I’m glad you did not catch the men!!!

  5. Oh, I’m in. I haven’t actually regained any weight yet (it’s only been a week) but it’s starting to feel like that time of year when I just eat whatever because — because it’s Christmas and I DESERVE all the junk food to celebrate. At the moment we seem to have celebratory events twice a weekend and there is only so many times you can justify “it’s someone’s birthday, so it’s a special occasion”, “I’m stressed about an exam, so it’s a special occasion”, “I have to take snacks to an all-day outing and I’m allowed to make them unhealthy snacks because, well obviously it’s a special occasion”… I will not be fitting into these smaller-size jeans much longer if I keep going on like that. I mean, today’s special occasion was that I did the grocery shopping!

    New focus on how I feel (and look) not what I’m eating! Pool party next weekend and I look better in my swimming cossie than I have for ten years – now that is a special occasion! Seeing extended family at Christmas and I’ve always been the fat one (me and my mum, now just me), I’m still overweight but not as embarrassingly so – another special occasion to fight for! I’ve had the flu for weeks and healthy food will get me better quicker than nachos and Turkish Delight ! Exams this week and I need to be alert not sluggish!

    PS Can the flu make you crave sugar?

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