There’s Safety In Numbers

So I’m looking ahead to this week with a bit of trepidation, I’ve got to be honest. It’s full of lovely things to look forward to, but most of them involve food. I’m trying not to feel inconvenienced by being on a diet, you know? That’s the wrong kind of thinking and I don’t want to start feeling pissed off all over again.

Monday we’re having a lunch for the seven of us from work who did the trek to Cuba last year…we won some recognition at last December’s company bash for raising the most money for charity, and we’ve just never got around to spending the voucher. It’s well overdue and it’ll be fun to reminisce. Tuesday I’m working in London all day and we’ll be catered at lunchtime, and home late with dinner on the fly. Wednesday evening we have a meal out with the team at work, and then Thursday we’re away overnight at a sort of team spa night which also involves a meal, and more than likely a tipple or two.

My food sobriety has held quite well this week and I don’t know about you lot, but for me it’s always a bit more fragile in the early days of a reboot, you know? That said, I have a whole week under my belt now. I just need to stay focused on dodging the food bullets which will be coming thick and fast from every direction over the next few days.

It’s been a bit noisy in my head over the weekend with the Asshole voice being petulant and demanding. I took Charlie dog for a walk yesterday and it was just a constant barrage of head-spam.

It’s far too cold to be out, turn around and go home immediately. You don’t have any gloves, you might get chilblains. (I’ve never had a chilblain in my life.) Besides it’s muddy up here on the bridleway and Charlie-dog had a bath and a haircut yesterday, you’d better turn around and go home before he gets dirty otherwise you’ve wasted your money.

And your ankles are aching. That must be a sign of something, so don’t overdo it. You’d both be much better curled up in front of the telly with the fire on. You’ve had a busy week, and you deserve to relax instead of walking around in this cold. Even the dog looks miserable, go on and turn around, you know you want to…

On and on, all day. I just couldn’t quite manage to tune it out, but I did manage not to act on anything. I stayed solid. I’ve got no reason to suppose that the Asshole voice will be any less intrusive this week with all the food-fuckery opportunities that are coming my way. I’m also going to be time-poor in terms of opportunities to work out or swim.

I am planning to drink lots of water and plenty of coffee to try and keep myself feeling full. It might only help a little bit, but at the very least it’ll diffuse some of the temptations, right? I’m really lucky to have the support of some good friends who I can message and lean on if I’m feeling wobbly. I’m going to pay particular attention to the way I look because  if I look nice, I feel nice and that helps me stay in control.

I’m doing what I can. The bullets will fly and I’m really hoping none of ’em get me, because I know they’re coming, and I have a plan. It’s silly season and I’m guessing a fair few of you will also be staring the run up to Christmas straight in the eye and wondering just how the actual fuck you’re going to navigate it all.

Together, that’s how. Come on, link arms…there’s safety in numbers and we’ve got this 🙂


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9 thoughts on “There’s Safety In Numbers

  1. Well, I just bought myself a new bathing suit to be opened under the tree Christmas morning. It’s like a “challenge suit” and I just picture myself in it and BAM, temptation is done. But you know, I’m a little vain… xom

  2. I like Vicky’s advice just stay aware of what’s going on around you to be safe when wearing ear buds out in public places.

    Good job on all you did right last week and going down on the number on the scale.

    1. Can just wear one in one ear (and none in the other) if in questionable place. I walk during the day in a very safe area, with a big dog. So no issues for me.

      And I have the kind with a microphone, so I can also talk on the phone, hands free.

  3. You are not on a diet, you are on a plan to feed the only body you are ever going to get the good, healthful food it needs to not just live but thrive. It is your choice to pass up the poison on a plate that others call treats so that you can take the best care of yourself possible.

  4. I don’t know if this might help you, but it works for me. (I may have mentioned it previously).

    I have two things I do for rumination.

    One is to recite something simple in my head. Personally I use Hail Mary. It is just the right length for me. Sometimes I recite it a lot. Sometimes just once or twice is enough to sort of flip the switch. This works when I am falling asleep. It also works when I am somewhere where I can’t use the next thing, which is ear buds.

    I like ear buds because they work as a sound barrier. And they are not very noticeable to others. Huge help to have something playing in my ears which keeps my attention. A podcast. An audio book. Music. Highly effective for me. I walk a couple times a day and I listen to something every single time. Makes a huge difference in keeping me out of my head.

    I think this is a learned process. It is sort of like learning to meditate, which also involves stopping the conversation in our head. I have gotten better and better at it. And I am someone who had a nonstop thing going which used to be impossible for me to stop. So I relate. Totally.

    1. You know Vickie, when I’m walking the dog that might just be a genius idea. I have them, I just rarely wear them. I’ll definitely try it! Thanks that’s helpful 🙂

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