Back In The Saddle Again

I’m so excited, and you’ll never guess what I’ve gone and done…I’ve only dug my bike out of the shed and taken it to the bike shop to be serviced. I know, right? It’s at least seven years since it saw any action, and I’d kind of thought in the back of my mind that I’d hold on until I reached a certain size before I took the plunge. The size where children and small animals wouldn’t run for cover for a start, at the sight of my arse in cycling shorts.

But you know what, I was chatting with some friends last weekend after one of the gang had been out for a spin, and we all agreed we’d enjoy riding along the canal path together one of these days, so I thought knickers to it, why wait. And now I’m really really giddy.

Cycling is the only active pursuit where I’ve properly caught the bug, you know? Where I’ve done it for pleasure as opposed to doing it for exercise. Last time I lived in Skinny Town I used to go out on my bike pretty much every day and I’d think nothing of hopping aboard and killing twenty or thirty miles. One or two of my favourite ever days have been spent on two wheels so it’s fair to say that now I’ve decided it’s time to get back in the saddle, I can hardly wait.

It feels like a bit of a milestone moment to be honest. It’s a thing, you know? A throwback to the fit and skinny life that I spent a long time missing, and a long time doubting that I’d ever get back to. It’s one of the things I’ve most looked forward to since I started this journey and I’m so grateful that I’ve managed to come this far, although you might need to remind me that I’ve said that when my arse cheeks are rubbed raw from the first two or three outings.

Most of all, it means that now the nights are lighter, on the days that I get in  from work too late to get down to the Kindgom of Pain, I still have a workout option, and that could be a proper game-changer.

I was hoping to have it back by Saturday but I think it’s more likely to be after the weekend. To be fair, years of inactivity meant it limped across the threshold of the bike shop with two flat tyres, and a set of seized up gears,  so I suspect it’ll need more than a little TLC to breathe life back into it.

It’s perhaps just as well, because I’ve got a final exam next week relating to some professional development that I’ve been doing at work. At least I won’t need to sit on an ice pop whilst I revise over the weekend…every cloud, right? ?


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12 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle Again

  1. This news that you are riding your bike is soooooooooooo fantastic!!!! I LOVE to ride my bike. It’s my ONE choice of workout that makes me truly happy. The sights, the smells and it does not take a toll on your body, yet you work your butt off (literally) and see amazing results. Can’t wait to hear about your rides!

    1. I know, I’m so excited Tracey! I’ve been working away this week so I’m collecting it tomorrow. Happy days!

  2. I love to ride. My shorts have the padded parts, and also a looser set over the top for more modesty. The revised version out last year is better– the legs are sewn a little tighter (stops them blowing upward while riding, and the pockets flapping about on your leg) and the inner short is removable (can launder just one layer if need be, or use the outer layer with the “regular” bike shorts). The brand on the tag says Endura.

  3. My favorite line “Cycling is the only active pursuit where I’ve properly caught the bug, you know? Where I’ve done it for pleasure as opposed to doing it for exercise.”

    I hope you have some where pretty and safe to ride. I too love to bike sadly I hardly ever do it though. Now that you have reminded me of my love it I’ll put some air in my tires and take a ride on it some time soon! Who knows? Maybe this weekend.

    Happy Mothers day to you Dee even though it is a day or two early. My son will be out of town this weekend but we will celebrate on Monday.

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